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Corrupt abortion doc halts operation midway to jack up the price

Posted: 10/18/2013 7:00 am

In recent months, several media outlets such as BBC and Forbes have talked about some of the problems facing China’s health care industry. Note that both describe it as an “industry” rather than a system.

A story of an unscrupulous abortion surgeon in Dongguan which appeared in yesterday’s Guangzhou Daily showed how corrupt and costly parts of this industry are.

On Monday afternoon (October 14) Wu Zhaoqun, 18, went to the Yinshan Clinic in Dongguan’s Qingxi Town to get an abortion. Before the surgery, the price of 460 yuan was agreed upon. However, three minutes into the operation, the surgeon increased the cost way up to 7,700 yuan and refused to complete it until she finished.

Wu and her boyfriend Zhang Leiqi, 21, who have just started their working lives, cannot afford that sort of money. She was left bleeding on the table for three hours until Zhang negotiated the price down to 4,400 yuan and the operation was completed.

The Qingxi Ministry of Health is investigating the incident, and a representative of the clinic has put it down to the individual doctor having a poor attitude or failing to communicate clearly.

Zhang explained that his girlfriend turned out to have a cervical cyst that needed to be dealt with before the operation. However, there is no logical reason why the cost would multiply to such an extent. His girlfriend had to endure three hours of excruciating pain during the subsequent standoff and it could have been fatal.

Now that it has appeared in a newspaper, the issue could go all the way up to provincial-level authorities and the clinic could lose its license.

This is just the latest scandal in a country in which relying on medical professionals can be a scary experience. Acts of violence, including murder, by patients against doctors are common. Last year, a People’s Daily survey showed that the majority of netizens supported these acts of violence.

Another survey conducted last year by a group of students at Hunan Normal University found that 61% of doctors in China hated their jobs, so the temptation to be corrupt can be overwhelming.

China is not necessarily a society in which mothers want their children to grow up to be doctors


Ouch! Penis chopped off after circumcision goes wrong in Guangzhou (graphic)

Posted: 07/4/2013 4:19 pm

A man who went to Guangzhou to get circumcised experienced every man’s nightmare when his genitals were accidentally cut off. He posted the (extremely graphic) pictures online and exclaimed: “How can I go on living?”

The man is now appealing for support on Sina Weibo. His user name is @无助55求帮助 and he has even added an image of his mutilated pelvic region as his profile picture.

According to inewthings, the man went to the Jili Hehan Plastic Surgery Hospital in Haizhu District to get the surgery done. After it went tragically wrong, he claims the hospital threatened him and said any attempt he made to get compensation was doomed to failure.

Amazingly, he had the presence of mind to take a photograph of what was left of his manhood.

The hospital describes itself as an ethical and professional institution that improves lives, careers and marriages with its plastic surgery. Hmmm

Remember expats in Guangdong Province, you live close to the Hong Kong border. Keep this in mind next time you need to put your life in surgeons’ hands.

You can see more graphic photographs of the aftermath of the accident here. But don’t click if you’re eating.


Man has eel surgically removed from his stomach in Shunde… guess how it got there?

Posted: 04/8/2013 1:28 pm

We don’t make this stuff up, honestly.

We’ve learned that a man had a 1 kilogram eel surgically removed from his stomach at Shunde People’s Hospital on April 3. The following day, it was alleged online by a blogger thought to be a doctor at the hospital that the man had let the eel crawl up his anus after seeing the same thing happen in a porn film, only to discover that it had gotten stuck there, Guangzhou Daily reports.

Despite having the 50 cm eel safely removed, the 39 year-old man is still in hospital.

The blogger who took to a local forum to expose the story, Wei Nai’an, claims to be a doctor. Netizens have been more disgusted by the man’s actions than the dubious ethics of telling a patient’s private story online.

In 2010, a man in Dongguan had to have an eel removed from his anus after carelessly sitting on a bucket of eels he was raising while having a shower. Or so he told reporters, anyway.


Shenzhen man gets a life-saving skin graft from the most unique of locations

Posted: 04/1/2013 2:00 pm

When somebody suffers severe burns on large portions of their body, it’s important to do a skin graft as quickly as possible.  Serious burns can lead to organ failure.

That was the case for one man in Shenzhen, named Yang Qinjie.  He was severely burned in an accidental dust explosion in October last year.  The burns were so bad, doctors said it covered 98% of his body.  As such, he was in serious need of a skin graft, according to media reports.

Doctor Xie Lihua at Shenzhen Number Two People Hospital found there were only two places on Yang’s body that had escaped serious burns: his scalp, and his penis.

Xie, of course, turned to the scalp first. He scissored some of the skin and soaked it in salt water. Only 1% of skin can cover 10% of the burned area. Furthermore, the skin can easily expand evenly. But it turned out using his scalp was not enough, so Doctor Xie finally sought the last straw –Yang’s penis.

Comparatively speaking, skin on the penis does not recover as fast as the skin on the scalp. Thus, it can only be taken bit by bit.  Fortuntately, it is said that skin in Yang’s most burned areas has grown well and he’ll be able to leave the hospital next month.

“This is a medical miracle,” President Cai Zhiming of Shenzhen Number Two People Hospital said. “The patient was burned over 98% of his body, but still survived. This is a rare case in medical history in China.” The hosipital has taken Yang’s blood sample and secretion specimens to study the changes in his immune system in order to try and duplicate the process on other patients. They also are hoping to build a Burn Research Institute to deal with more cases.


Baby with no anus to have operation in 3 months

Posted: 06/27/2012 8:00 am

A family who needed donations to pay for surgery on their baby has already received 20,000 yuan in donations from the public, according to The Daily Sunshine.

Yesterday we told you about the baby who could not defecate due to a birth defect. After Daily Sunshine reported the story on Monday, the newspaper’s hotline was ringing all day. Some were inquiring about the baby’s current condition, some wanted to know the family’s address, some wanted to know the father’s bank account number, others asked for the family’s phone number.

The first caller was a middle-aged woman named Li, who said she could not bear to see somebody suffer so much so soon after coming into the world. She donated 5,000 RMB and urged fellow residents to do the same to show that Shenzhen is a caring city.

On Monday, two government officials went to the home of parents Zhou Shaohe and Chen Xiuyu to bring gifts as well as money to help them pay for the operation. That afternoon, Zhou and Chen took their baby to Shenzhen Children’s Hospital. The head of the surgical department, Li Suyi, said the child would need to go through two or three procedures. Li also urged more members of the public to donate money to families who encounter the same problem.

The father Zhou said he was confident about the outcome of the operation, and expressed his deepest gratitude to all who had donated money. He told the newspaper that he had no idea how he could ever repay society, but he would try his best to be a good father, and raise his son to be an upstanding member of society.

Zhou came to Shenzhen in 1995 and had had numerous jobs. He once worked for an extended period of time in a hardware factory, and thinks that working in a polluted environment may be the cause of his child’s condition. His neighbours claim he is an unassuming and straightforward individual, who is not given to drawing attention to himself, let alone through the media. Zhou denies that his baby’s condition may be a punishment for his sins. Doctor Li also dismissed as “superstition” the suggestion that this was a punishment for the parents’ sins.

Last time anuses and childbirth made big news in China was during the anusgate scandal of 2010. A man was successfully sued by a midwife for defamation after he accused her of sewing up his wife’s rectum because her 100 RMB tip was too small. I think we can all agree that the current anus-related story reflects somewhat better on human nature.

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