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Space-themed capsule hotel opens in Shenzhen

Posted: 11/18/2013 11:00 am

Seeing as it costs an estimated 570,000 yuan to travel to space, there could be a gap in the market for a business that offers a similar experience at more affordable prices. A hotel has opened in Shenzhen’s Baoan District that does just that with rooms starting at 70 yuan a night, Nandu Daily reports.

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel, which is located near the Baoan Xixiang Metro Station, has been open for no more than 3 months but its spaceship-style rooms have already proven a hit with guests.

Although the hotel will have somebody on reception 24 hour a day, there are robots to do the menial tasks. Moreover, in the coffee shop on the 1st floor, diners order their meal on tablet computers that are provided.

Below are some images of the hotel:

A robot greets guests at the door, via Google Images

A room with a robot waiter, image via Nandu Daily

The communal bathroom, via Google Images

A dining area

Guests also have the option of sharing bunk beds

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