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Man has eel surgically removed from his stomach in Shunde… guess how it got there?

Posted: 04/8/2013 1:28 pm

We don’t make this stuff up, honestly.

We’ve learned that a man had a 1 kilogram eel surgically removed from his stomach at Shunde People’s Hospital on April 3. The following day, it was alleged online by a blogger thought to be a doctor at the hospital that the man had let the eel crawl up his anus after seeing the same thing happen in a porn film, only to discover that it had gotten stuck there, Guangzhou Daily reports.

Despite having the 50 cm eel safely removed, the 39 year-old man is still in hospital.

The blogger who took to a local forum┬áto expose the story, Wei Nai’an, claims to be a doctor. Netizens have been more disgusted by the man’s actions than the dubious ethics of telling a patient’s private story online.

In 2010, a man in Dongguan had to have an eel removed from his anus after carelessly sitting on a bucket of eels he was raising while having a shower. Or so he told reporters, anyway.

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