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Knife-Wielding Expat Shot Dead By Police in Downtown Foshan [UPDATED]

Posted: 08/12/2014 7:54 pm

foreigner shot foshan A male foreigner is dead after being confronted and shot by police when reportedly wielding a knife and attacking people in downtown Foshan, Guangdong Province.

At around 6pm on August 10 at the entrance to Huangqi Yifu Plaza, a man described as “dark-skinned” was carrying a knife with a blade estimated at 20cm long that he used to chase and stab pedestrians, reports Foshan Daily.

Police from the Nanhai sub-station were dispatched to the scene where they were able to successfully corner the suspect at Huangqi Bridge. When trying to subdue the suspect, police were met with force as the suspect violently resisted arrest and used the knife to attack police.

Police are said to have fired two warning shots to no effect. Police then opened fire on the suspect, who was struck in his right and left legs. Subdued, the man was sent to hospital for medical treatment.

Later that night at 8pm, the man died in hospital. A urine analysis has showed that the suspect was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the assault.

No other casualties have been reported. The nationality of the man is unknown.foreigner shot foshan 01


UPDATED 11am, August 13: Pictures from the incident have been added.

There are no reported updates on the police investigation into the man’s death. Here is a link to a news clip of the incident.

Photo: Sina News Video

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  • The master of none

    The Chinese police should carry bunches of bananas with them to pacify the rampaging jungle bunnies.
    Probably missing home and felt the need to wip his machete out and hack a few innocent people up.
    Just for old times sake.
    Hopefully Ebola will cure the long term problem.

    • Aylin

      Pure Racism.
      That is not the first time that you write such comment…
      When I talk about the racism of some Chinese toward dark-skinned person, people are answering that it is not true…but here you come…
      I think I’ll just save all your nauseous comments as a proof.
      You are disturbed…

      • The master of none

        Wake up.
        Ive seen these dudes running around Guilin threatening white foreigners with machetes. Then running of to hide in Beijing from the police.
        Their animals coming from war torn countries mentally unstable and out of control.
        No one knows their previous history and they free to roam around China unchecked till they get caught in the act.
        You must be living under a rock.
        Also dont play that BS racist card, i have freedom of speech to say what many feel here.
        Political correct gagging is what’s caused all the trouble in western countries and destroyed whole cultures and took away many freedoms.
        Your a fool if you feel safe around these tribes in China.

        • Southernortherner

          wow is the “master of none”??

          chinese or foreigner or pure evil??

          • The master of none

            You left realist of the list.
            But if the cap fits.. I’ll wear it!

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