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Hostage Saved by Dongguan SWAT Team in Daring Rescue

Posted: 12/30/2014 9:30 am

dongguan hostage swat team police

Dongguan police have rescued a woman taken hostage at a dormitory housing workers of the Yifudengshi factory. In a daring move, police quickly subdued the suspect after rappelling down the side of the apartment building, and bursting into the third-floor.

The suspect had threatened to commit suicide by jumping off a nearby roof if he did not receive his back pay. After police were successful in coaxing him off the roof, the suspect rushed into the factory dormitory and took one of the female workers hostage, threatening to stab her with a knife.

The hostage’s employer, Mr Sun, was in constant contact with the suspect by phone. After Sun made promises to the suspect and guaranteed his safety, the police charged into the third-floor apartment after rappelling down the building.

The hostage did not sustain any serious injuries and the suspect was taken into custody.

dongguan hostage swat team policedongguan hostage swat team policePhotos: shuyang, cpd

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