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Random Knife Attack In Downtown Guangzhou Sends Eight People to Hospital

Posted: 08/22/2014 12:13 pm

tianhe district guangzhou knife attackA knife attack in Guangzhou on Thursday evening sent as many as eight people to hospital, reports Reuters.

A man attacked several people on the street with a knife before being subdued by police shortly after 7pm near Kemulang West Road in Tianhe District at the intersection of Lanyuan Street and Lanyuan New Street.

Reports listing the number of injured victims have varied, with reporting six injured, Reuters reporting seven and iFeng reporting eight.

The injured were sent to Guangzhou Armed Police Hospital for medical treatment. None of their injuries are said to be life-threatening. The ages of the victims range from 19 to 55. The majority of the injuries were either head or hand injuries.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack

The suspect is said to be a 32 year-old man from Hunan named Fan. Victims say he began slashing people without saying anything or without any expression on his face. A motive isn’t known yet. Fan is in hospital now with injuries to his head.

Although the investigation by police is still in progress, it has been revealed to the media that a history of mental illness or inebriation may have been a factor.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack


Photos: hc360

  • The master of none

    “history of mental illness or inebriation may have been a factor.”
    So just your average Chinese guy.

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