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iPhone 5 charger explodes, causing blackout in GZ company

Posted: 08/31/2013 11:00 am

When we told you last month that fake iPhone chargers were cheap, dangerous and could be purchased anywhere, we meant that using one could threaten your physical safety.

Now it turns out using the wrong charger can do other types of damage too.

When Miss Li connected her iPhone 5 to the charger in Jingtai Tower in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday she was in for a shock. As soon as the two devices connected, there was a small explosion that sent sparks flying and left burns on her fingertips, Yangcheng Evening News reports.

Her mood was not improved when it turned out that this explosion caused her whole company’s power supply to blackout.

Although Miss Li claims to have bought both the phone and the charger from an accredited store, her mistake may have been to use the same charger that she used for her old iPhone 4. She called the Apple customer service hotline and gave the serial number of the phone but is yet to receive an explanation as to what happened.

The city’s Industrial and Commercial Bureau suggested Li may be entitled to receive compensation.

Li is considerably luckier than Southern Airlines stewardess Ma Ailun who was killed last month after being electrocuted while using her iPhone while it was still on the charger. It is thought that she had just got out of the shower.

h/t Want China Times


Guangzhou builds its biggest old folks’ home yet, and just in time

Posted: 08/21/2013 7:00 am

Deputy Mayor Gong Erzhen and Guangzhou Party Secretary Zhou Yawei were among the dignitaries to attend the opening of the first old folks’ home in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District, Guangzhou Daily reports.

It is Guangzhou’s biggest retirement home yet and it looks like this’ll just be the start because Radio Free Asia reported Monday that by 2020, the number of people aged over 60 in China will reach 243 million and 300 million by 2025.

The whole complex covers an area of about 46 acres and has a total of 1,500 beds, making it the largest retirement home in the city. It is located to the west of Daguan Central Road and to the south of Guangshen Expressway. There’s no word on cost.

A conference was held in Inner Mongolia recently to address the national issue of a shortage of old folks’ homes and beds for the elderly. The issue is particularly serious in the countryside.


Corpse in Guangzhou identified as that of cyclist who fell down unmarked manhole

Posted: 06/10/2013 9:00 am

Things that those of us in the Pearl River Delta need to worry about include sinkholes, food safety, and air safety. Now we can add unmarked manholes to the list.

The bridge under which Wang went missing.

A corpse found in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District was identified June 7 as that of Wang Yueqing, a cyclist who went missing after falling into an unmarked manhole under a bridge 4 days earlier, Nandu Daily reports.

The accident, which took place on the intersection between Beihuan Expressway and Keyun Road, has left a gaokao candidate without a mother.

At about 9 p.m. on June 3, Wang, a Hunan native, was cycling with her family when they reached a bridge they needed to pass under. When under the bridge, Mrs Wang suddenly disappeared down a manhole. There was no warning sign, no barrier, and no light to prevent cyclists or pedestrians from falling down the hole.

Plenty of people still pass under the bridge every day.

Police reached the scene at 9:55 p.m., but heavy rain made the search procedure more difficult.

Two days later, her bike was found but the search for her body continued. An hour after that, a body was found. It was a woman of Wang’s age, but the face was unrecognisable.

On Saturday morning, Wang’s husband, Luo Xuekun, identified the corpse at the Guangzhou municipal Public Security Building. The body was wearing the same clothes and underwear as Wang when she went missing, and DNA tests verified that it was her.

Tianhe District’s finest lead the search

Her corpse has been placed face down in the funeral home as her face has been so badly maimed.

According to Xinhua, Luo told his son, who is one of this year’s gaokao candidates, that the reason Wang was unreachable was that her phone had broken. He didn’t want the child to be any more stressed than he already was, Luo told media.


Mother and baby narrowly escape after tree collapses on car in Guangzhou

Posted: 04/11/2013 10:00 am

A woman and her baby narrowly escaped after a tree fell and landed on the back of their car as well as damaging two other cars in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou Daily reported on its microblog. The incident took place outside a compound at 109 Zhnogshan Avenue and may well have been caused by the rainy weather of recent weeks.

We told you last December about trees falling in Guangzhou for no apparent reason. Heavy rain causing the roots to decay was later put forward as the most likely cause. In light of the weather of recent weeks, residents should be careful.

Most netizens expressed relief and gratitude at the lives spared by good fortune. But one opined that the fault was with the Japanese car that crumbled too easily under the tree.

Incidents like this remind us of how fragile life is, so we should make the most of our fleeting time on Earth by reading about netizens attacking the Japanese.


Guangzhou’s most popular culture park, Redtory, to be demolished

Posted: 03/26/2013 7:00 am

Redtory, a culture park which was converted from an abandoned tin can factory in 2009, is set to be demolished within six years to make way for the expansion of Guangzhou’s International Finance City, XKB reports.

After Liao Xinbo, the deputy head of Guangzhou’s Sanitation Bureau announced that the park would be demolished, there was much discussion among netizens and the original post has already been forwarded over 2000 times.

One netizen summed up the general mood by saying that Guangzhou would lose its raison d’etre if it becomes just another metropolis like Shanghai or New York.

An official in Tianhe District told the newspaper that the western section of the 7.5 square kilometre financial district will be further developed but it is not yet 100% certain whether it will be necessary to demolish Redtory.


Chengguan call for sympathy – really – after one is stabbed 7 times by peddler

Posted: 03/20/2013 7:00 am

Chengguan, also known as Urban Administrators in charge of enforcing local bylaws, have asked the public to sympathize with the stress and strain of their job after one was stabbed seven times by a peddler in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District on March 17, Sina News reports.

Shockingly, no bystanders came to the aid of the 26 year-old, named Su Jiaquan. As a result, the peddler was able to flee the scene.

When Su was eventually taken to hospital, he was bleeding profusely, especially from the head where he was stabbed 5 times. Although doctors expect Su to survive, his face will be scarred for life.

Su’s parents have not yet been informed. They both have heart conditions and may not be able to handle the news, media reported. Su also has a 1 year-old son.

Su’s boss Wei Weihan emphasized that Pojie, the jurisdiction Su worked under, covers 5 square km and has a population of over 200,000. With a staff of only 9, the local Chengguan never get the weekends off, and according to Wei, could do with a bit more understanding from the public.


Former Chengguan boss gets comeuppance, jailed for 5 years for accepting bribes

Posted: 03/18/2013 7:00 am

The former head of the Urban Administration Bureau in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District has been jailed for 5 years for accepting 250,000 yuan in bribes between 2007 and 2012, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

Zeng Weiyu

The investigation into the dealings of Zeng Weiyu, which began on October 5 last year, is one of numerous recent high profile cases of official corruption. Zeng thinks the sentence was harsh and will appeal.

This is more bad PR for the Urban Administraion Bureau, whose members are known as chengguan. The low-level law enforcers are far from the most popular people in the country. They recently caused outrage after beating a vendor in Guangzhou in front of her daughter.

The head of Huizhou’s Urban Administration Bureau was recently accused of purchasing an “imperial palace” with ill-gotten loot. This is obviously a sensitive issue because media organizations were instructed to downplay it.


Dog runs into Guangzhou subway tunnel forcing train delay

Posted: 02/19/2013 7:00 am

On Sunday morning, which for many was the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, Guangzhou Metro Line 3 was delayed for around 40 minutes after 7:20 a.m. when a dog ran into the tunnel, Yangcheng Evening News reports. The dog didn’t survive.

Initially, LED screens at stations along the line, which runs from Panyu Square to Tianhe Coach Terminal, said the delay had been caused by an “information failure,” but there was no subsequent announcement as many commuters returned to the surface to get a taxi.

One Panyu resident told Guangzhou Daily that his commute from Panyu Square to Xiajiao along the line usually takes 20 minutes. That morning it took over an hour, causing him to receive a fine for being late for work.

When the dog was found it had no collar and was feared dangerous. It was surrounded by Metro workers and beaten to death.

It is not yet known how the dog entered the tunnel, but a worker surnamed Ye said it was safe to say that it entered at one of the stations where the trains arrive on the surface rather than underground.


Brazilian model falls to her death in apparent suicide in Guangzhou

Posted: 01/8/2013 5:21 pm

Posing for a picture

The Consulate of Brazil in Guangzhou has confirmed that a foreign woman who was found dead on New Year’s Day in Tianhe East was 22 year-old model Camila Bezerra, according to Phoenix News.

According to the woman’s neighbours, at about 9:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day, her roommate Nicolle discovered that the bathroom window in their apartment was open wide. She thought this was odd as the weather was so cold. She went to look outside and saw Bezerra’s body.

Friends say she was not suffering from depression and she had shown no apparent signs of being unhappy. However, police found no other fingerprints in the bathroom and have therefore ruled out the possibility of homicide.

The ill-fated model

She shared a dormitory with two other Brazilians and a Pole. It will be difficult for her family in Brazil to travel to Guangzhou because of the busy travel period. It is not yet known whether the family want a further police investigation.


Guangzhou captures one of its most wanted criminals

Posted: 10/29/2012 2:30 pm

A man who murdered his girlfriend in 2004 before fleeing Guangzhou was detained Oct. 15, local media have reported. Chen Xinqu, 39, originally from Taizhou in Zhejiang Province, had been on the run and using a fake identity and was unaware that his mother and older brother had died during the intervening years.

A breakfast chef, Chen first came to Guangzhou in 2003 and shortly after that entered a romantic relationship with a masseuse, Miss Tan. After dating for over a year, Tan decided to end the relationship on July 6, 2004 and kicked Chen out of her apartment in Tianhe District.

Tan then sneaked into the apartment in the small hours of the morning and smashed her in the head with a hammer until she was dead. He wrapped the body in a hemp bag and dumped it in a pond at a nearby park. He then returned to the apartment to clean up all the blood before fleeing the city by train.

By the time a jogger discovered the body two days later, Chen had already escaped.

In April this year, police in Tianhe District made a list of their most wanted criminals and categorised them using playing cards. Chen was the 4 of hearts.

After working as a breakfast chef under the name of Cui Yongfu for all these years, Chen was seen by police in Jiangsu Province Oct. 9 while riding a bus. They told police in Guangzhou that they think they had found their 4 of hearts.

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