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Brazilian model falls to her death in apparent suicide in Guangzhou

Posted: 01/8/2013 5:21 pm

Posing for a picture

The Consulate of Brazil in Guangzhou has confirmed that a foreign woman who was found dead on New Year’s Day in Tianhe East was 22 year-old model Camila Bezerra, according to Phoenix News.

According to the woman’s neighbours, at about 9:30 a.m. on New Year’s Day, her roommate Nicolle discovered that the bathroom window in their apartment was open wide. She thought this was odd as the weather was so cold. She went to look outside and saw Bezerra’s body.

Friends say she was not suffering from depression and she had shown no apparent signs of being unhappy. However, police found no other fingerprints in the bathroom and have therefore ruled out the possibility of homicide.

The ill-fated model

She shared a dormitory with two other Brazilians and a Pole. It will be difficult for her family in Brazil to travel to Guangzhou because of the busy travel period. It is not yet known whether the family want a further police investigation.

  • Henrique

    Of course the family wants a further police investigation! We wanna know what actually happened but the police does not say a word! Please help us!!!!!

    • Kevin McGeary

      I googled her name and, although I don’t understand Portuguese, I know a lot of people are talking about this, and I think I know what “homicidio” means.

      The Chinese media tends to be very defensive of the police. What do you think really happened?

  • China Newz

    Maybe she had drank too much and had a horrible slip near the window. Wouldn’t the roommate have heard something if someone was in there.

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