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Save The Girlfriend or the Ex? Age Old Question is Real Life Tragedy in Chongqing

Posted: 10/31/2014 5:12 pm

jumping into riverA Chongqing man was forced to make a decision nobody wants to make when two of his girlfriends ended up throwing themselves into the Yangtse River after a dispute.

As Guangzhou Daily reports, a man and two women arrived at an unused spot next to the river near a launching area for pontoon boats yesterday afternoon. One of the women was his current girlfriend, while the other was his ex. All three worked in the financial sector in the city.

It’s believed the three were involved in a messy love triangle, and had arrived at the spot to sort it out. The ex-girlfriend apparently wanted the current girlfriend to leave so that she could continue her relationship with the man.

Around 4pm and still not having reached a consensus, the ex-girlfriend decided to throw herself into the river. The man, clearly concerned about his ex, jumped in after her. This demonstration of care clearly angered his current girlfriend, who then threw herself into the water too.

Eyewitnesses say they the man and his ex made it back to shore a few minutes later, but his current girlfriend wasn’t as lucky. A fishing boat found her body several minutes later.

Miss Tian, a service worker on the pontoon, witnessed the incident. When she approached the shivering man and his ex, Tian apparently heard the man say:

This is all because of you, all because of you…

Police have not released the names of the three people and are conducting an investigation.

Photo: Guangzhou Daily

  • Zen my Ass

    Sad, absurd and logic-defying story: if your bf jumps into the water to save from drowning his ex gf and you, current gf, jumps in as well, the guy won’t most likely notice you, because he will be busy enough trying to catch the other person. Girl’s death has one culprit, girl’s stupidity. R.I.P.

  • jaw

    Apparently the idiot guy was in love with two other complete idiots. Jump into the 3rd largest river in the world? Full of battery acid, factory waste and other idiot dead bodies? Just let them go.

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