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Now a Chongqing Mall is Offering Pink, Extra-large Women Only Parking Spots

Posted: 10/16/2014 10:32 am

pink parking for ladies shopping mall sexism discriminationChina’s attempts at gender equality certainly take interesting forms, such as 10 pink parking spots at a shopping mall in Chongqing.

The boldly colored pink parking spots read: “Parking for the exclusive use of Women”. The spots are wider to make parking easier, and are located closer to the mall entrance for convenience.

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This isn’t the first time women-only parking spaces have shown-up in a mall parking lot. The spaces also exist at a shopping mall in Dalian. Yet when accused of discrimination, the Chongqing mall manager, Yang Xiangdong, said: “The main position of this mall is to provide service to women.”

pink parking for ladies shopping mall sexism discriminationPutting gender equality aside for a moment, the women-only spots clearly make good business sense. With women comprising the majority of Chongqing’s mall traffic, Yang’s simply catering to the mall’s most important demographic.

However, as a number of astute commentators have pointed out, the ten pink parking spots are mostly occupied by luxury cars. The shopping mall isn’t just catering to women, it’s catering to rich women.

Netizens quickly chimed in with their thoughts on the special spots:

Wow. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi… these are all European brands.

How is it that these are all luxury cars?

These are all luxury cars! Chongqing women don’t have any face!

So then you’ve got a problem. Whose the best at teaching how to park a car? (referencing a recent meme involving a trade school with outlandish commercials)

Women think that this is something they don’t have to be afraid of being discriminated for.

(This is something )I can accept.

On one hand, say that men and women are equal, while on the other creating special circumstances for each of them.

pink parking for ladies shopping mall sexism discrimination


Photos: Shenzhen Police

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