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“Pink Holidays” Proposed Each Month in China For Menstruating Women

Posted: 07/2/2014 12:49 pm
body painting calligraphy

This is not the model advocating “pink holidays” at Sun Yat-sen University.

Women have been fighting to achieve equality for a long time in China. Now, with the help of a campaign at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, Chinese women may finally get what they’ve always wanted: days off from work every month in order to recover from their menstrual cycle.

Colloquially known as a “pink holiday”, the concept was the brainchild of nine MBA students who were discussing the special needs of women workers when the issue of a woman’s period came up. The group concluded that “it would be best to let (women) recover at home”.

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To raise awareness for the campaign, the students organized an activity on the university campus in which inspiring phrases, such as these, were written on male models:

Women are like flowers, please cherish and take care of them.

The petition did not examine whether women’s salaries should reflect their increased time off, or how it could lead to discrimination.

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If “pink holidays” ever become law in China, we imagine the famous saying would have to be amended to “holding up half the sky—except when she’s on her period”.


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