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Foreigner’s “My Little Apple” Spoof Video Endears Itself to Chinese Fans

Posted: 08/1/2014 11:00 am

my little apple journey to the west viral video danceAs we told you earlier, the pop song My Little Apple is now very popular on the Chinese internet with several spoof videos circulating on social networks.

However, one foreigner of China has endeared himself tremendously with the home crowd by making a tribute video inspired by that other Chinese pop trend that refuses to die, Journey to the West.

my little apple journey to the west viral video dance

As explained on his Youtube page, Shaun Gibson made an English version of My Little Apple to tell a well-known story from Journey to the West: when Tripikata gets captured by the Queen Mother of the West as part of a forced marriage, and disciples Sun Wu-kong, Piggy and the rest must rescue him.

Part of the charm of Gibson’s Liverpool-based adaptation is in using costumes from the classic 80s televised version of Journey to the West, and the rest can be seen in the use of anachronisms as well as an overt Stephen Chow reference.

my little apple journey to the west viral video dance

On the video’s Youtube page, comments were mostly positive. They include “I cant believe how incredible you are!!!!!!”, “WOW!!! that was AWESOME!”, and “Okay. Mr. Gibson, you win!!!!!”

Perhaps to make this Chinese pop song stay Chinese, the chorus has been left in the original Chinese, but the subtitles don’t provide any English version aside from pinyin. So in the efforts of making My Little Apple achieve the juggernaut cultural status of Gangnam Style to which it aspires, here’s the chorus in English so you can follow along:

You are my little apple
I can’t love you enough
With a face of red, you warm my the cockles of my heart
and ignite the fire of my life, f-f-f-fire
You are my little apple
Like the most beautiful cloud in the sky
When spring comes and flowers bloom all over the mountainside
I will reap the bounty of the seed of hope I had planted

my little apple journey to the west viral video danceWe wonder what’s next for Shaun Gibson, but if he is to continue to curry favor with his Chinese audience, we’d imagine it would have to involve pandas, the waving of a Chinese flag or shouting “This is real Chinese kung-fu!” at the top of his lungs.

Here’s the music video, and here’s video again on a local video provider:

Photos: Screencaps from Youtube

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