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[Video] Outrage as Hong Kong Babies Soaked for Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted: 08/29/2014 6:39 pm

hong kong baby ice bucket challengeIt’s all come down to this: the ALS ice bucket challenge is now being performed on babies.

We can’t verify if these videos are authentic, or part of an elaborate hoax. But we do know they show the dumping of ice-cold water on very young children and babies. The videos have lead to online outrage from people criticizing the parents for child abuse. What’s more, police are now said to be investigating, reports Sina News Video.

The first video below shows a small child during its bath time as an unidentified caregiver prepares the ice bucket, saying directly to the camera “Let’s sure make all this ice is melted.” The caregivers don’t mention the ice bucket challenge itself; instead, most of the video is spent trying to get the child’s attention while water from the bucket drips down upon the child’s head. The child is heard crying shortly afterwards.

Here’s a video of what appears to be another Hong Kong ice bucket challenge performed on a baby, also during bath time. The baby’s unidentified caregivers thoroughly perform the challenge by naming the father and a dog as the baby’s challengers. Like the first, they also state that they are using ice for this challenge. However, this time the baby doesn’t seem to mind being doused with ice water.

Here’s one done on a young child:

Whether a hoax or not, Chinese netizens are very upset at what they see as irreparable harm being caused to babies. Here are some comments:

Stupid cunt, such a small child and you pour ice water over it.

Shit for brains.

That child is their own? Those people are merciless.

After seeing the video was from Hong Kong, I could relax.

There is no helping the stupid.

The child is very weak, okay? As well, there are those that will criticize Hong Kong people at first hearing their name. This makes my head hurt. This country is not divided; you guys upset?

hong kong baby ice bucket challengeAccording to Chinese traditional medicine, a balance of essences is required for a healthy body. As babies and young children are more vulnerable than grown adults, doctors believe a sudden change of temperature could be very harmful to their health.


Photo: Youtube screencap

  • lacompacida

    HK Police should investigate this. This is simply criminal, not providing necessary protection to under age children.

  • David Fieldman

    Social services must remove the child from its parents and give it a safe and caring home. Following which, the parents must be brought to trial for endangering the life of their baby.

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