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Breaking: Four Schoolchildren Dead After Knife Attack in Guangxi [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/26/2014 11:09 am

lingshan guangxiFour schoolchildren are dead after being attacked by a suspect wielding a knife in Guangxi Province, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The attack took place at 6:20 am as the children were on their way to school.

Three of the children died at the scene, while the other was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

The attacker hasn’t been caught yet.


guangxi knife attack schoolchildrenUPDATE 1:25pm September 26: A suspect in the knife attack has been identified and announced by police, reports Southern Daily.

The suspect is named as Shi X Yan*, male, and is aged 56 years-old (pictured above). Shi is a resident of Gupu Village, Pingshan County. Shi is described as obese, and was driving a three-wheeled vehicle at the time of the attack.

Shi is now reported to have escaped to a mountain top located near Zhengling Village, Fozi County. Hundreds of police officers are reported to be working together to secure his capture.

* The name is partially censored


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