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Discrimination or Fair Play? Car Model Dismissed Because Breasts “Too Small”

Posted: 09/16/2014 9:22 am

car show model breastsThe firing of a model from a car show in China had drawn media attention after the woman returned to confront the firm that let her go — with TV cameras.

The organizer of the car show fired the model, Xiaowang, admitting openly that she was dismissed because her breasts were “a problem” and were not up to his organization’s standards. The problem, at least for him, is the model was fired after she had signed a four-day contract, and had already worked the first day.

The university student and part-time model was incensed at the breach of contract, so came back to the car show with a TV news program in tow. They tracked down this guy, named Xie:

Breasts, it was a problem with her breasts
We had already accepted her,
(and then we found) there were many layers of padding (inside her bra)
to prop it up
But there was no way, all we could do was fire her

Xie said he was forced to go with another model with better “experience” that can fill in the role.

Xie was unwilling to pay Xiaowang the complete salary for four days of work according to the signed contract, instead paying her for three days.

Video of the exchange can be seen below, but Xie doesn’t go into detail about any of his explanations.

Photo: Sina News Video

  • Zen my Ass

    Any other frigging place in the world, you could sue the mofo’s ass out and win big time… China? It goes with the territory…

  • Toothless

    Ah the old bra scam.
    Always a disappointment when it comes off.
    Always best check the contents before entering any contract.


    A woman should not be judged on the size of her breast….but should be judged on the tightness of her vagina

  • Mangrove

    So a prospective buyer wanders in and says, “You know, I’d buy that car if your model had a nice rack on her.” You think, “hmm, lost sale or Mammary upgrade? Of course you go for the massive hooters and tell the potential buyer, “come back in an hour.”

    So the investigation begins and after an inspection, EVA is found and a total misrepresentation of goods is discovered. They’re knock offs! The doopers are dooped by the boobless. “how could we have been so farsighted?”

    Of course she must go.

    A quick search for a show girl that can convey the focus and attributes you’ve invested in high tech “air bags” that you’ve installed in your latest bucket of bolts model results in a pair of “F & G” cups and sales climb proportionally.

    I see this as a basic marketing exercise and the offending boobless show girl must be held accountable for lack of cleavage and shown the door.

    Honestly, I’m ok with her lack of fun bags but it’s what’s in the trunk, the absence of ass that I’m at a loss for.

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