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Dog runs into Guangzhou subway tunnel forcing train delay

Posted: 02/19/2013 7:00 am

On Sunday morning, which for many was the first day of work after the Spring Festival holiday, Guangzhou Metro Line 3 was delayed for around 40 minutes after 7:20 a.m. when a dog ran into the tunnel, Yangcheng Evening News reports. The dog didn’t survive.

Initially, LED screens at stations along the line, which runs from Panyu Square to Tianhe Coach Terminal, said the delay had been caused by an “information failure,” but there was no subsequent announcement as many commuters returned to the surface to get a taxi.

One Panyu resident told Guangzhou Daily that his commute from Panyu Square to Xiajiao along the line usually takes 20 minutes. That morning it took over an hour, causing him to receive a fine for being late for work.

When the dog was found it had no collar and was feared dangerous. It was surrounded by Metro workers and beaten to death.

It is not yet known how the dog entered the tunnel, but a worker surnamed Ye said it was safe to say that it entered at one of the stations where the trains arrive on the surface rather than underground.

  • Cucu

    AHAHAHAHA, this is too TMD ridiculous, im cniryg with tears of disbelief in my eyes! I’m an architect and my girlfriend is an urban planner, I’ve worked all these years, this is a first time I see a tiny little chengguan finding a connection to what we do. a little chengguan have absolutely ZERO role, ZERO POWER in the beautification of a city, their only power is to overturn tables and baskets like bunch of dogs. they are so blown out of proportion here, may I ask if anyone actually seen a real-life chengguan like that in the video, looking like an airline pilot or a military officer? probably should’ve gotten a better education,so fake.

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