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Fujian Toddler Dies After Being Forgotten in Car for 12 Hours

Posted: 08/12/2014 4:27 pm

child left in car fujianA two year-old Fujian girl is dead after being forgotten in a hot car overnight, reports the Shenzhen Police.

The girl, only identified as Xiaohuan, was sleeping in the back seat of the car with her cousin as her aunt and uncle drove her home. But after they got there, the aunt took her own daughter out and apparently told the uncle to get Xiaohuan. The uncle thought the child was with the aunt, so he locked the car doors and went inside to bed.

It was only the next day when the family discovered the child had been left in the car for 12 hours. She had already passed away by the time they found her.


Photo: Shenzhen Police

  • The master of none

    That’s the story they giving right?
    Ok no need to call for Sherlock.

  • Giuseppe Ferrito

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