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Forget Regular Guangzhou Taxis, Now You Too Can Be a High-Roller

Posted: 07/9/2014 5:10 pm

bmw taxi guangzhouAre taxis simply too close to being “public transportation” for you? Do you require the services of a vehicle that is more attuned to your needs?

Maybe you need the services of a BMW Series 6, or a Audi A6. And now, you can rent one as a taxi in Guangzhou, reports Guangzhou Daily.

Announced yesterday by taxi app Kuaidi, a new taxi app called “Line One Cars” gives users the option of reserving luxury cars for a trip or daily commute. It has been named as a competitor to the popular app Uber, which launched in Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the beginning of the year.

These high-end taxis are already available in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

bmw taxi guangzhou

Different prices and options are available for “Line One Cars”: There’s economy class, cozy class, merchant class, and luxury class. These get separated into various existing taxi companies and car brands: Dazhong, Tongyong, BMW and Audi.

While commuters seem pleased by the extra options available to them, Guangzhou taxi drivers are not, saying they will cut into their profits. The Guangzhou traffic department also expressed concern seeing as these BMW and Audi taxis aren’t actually taxis:

Even though luxury cars are nice, at present this just has the appearance of being a car for rent, and not an authentic taxi. It isn’t under the jurisdiction of the transport deparment. If there are any disputes arising between passengers and this company, passengers will only be able to rely upon the goodwill of the latter.


Photos: Guangzhou Daily


Guangzhou’s cabs get a green makeover

Posted: 09/7/2012 1:04 pm

The first of Guangzhou’s electric cabs have been put into service, giving people a newer, greener, cleaner way to get around the city.

But while they’re now out and about, passengers will be very lucky to catch one as only six of the 21 cabs have been allocated for commercial use while the majority of them will used to shuttle around government officials.

Life of Guangzhou reports:

The Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission hopes that including electric cars in public services will bring more consciousness about alternative energy and green commuting to the city’s citizens.

With the backing of the government, e-taxi fares could be on the way down, following similar moves in Shenzhen to reward and give passengers more incentive to use green cabs.

Overall, the move is a small start but a mere drop in the ocean.

Last year, Shenzhen picked the Warren Buffett-backed BYD automaker to supply 300 e-cars, making it one of the biggest users of any city worldwide, making Guangzhou a bit of a laggard when it comes to green highway initiatives.

However, the safety of electric cars were called into questions after a BYD electric taxi exploded in seconds in a fatal accident, killing the driver and two passengers. A subsequent report has gone on to allay any fears.

Picture: Life of Guangzhou

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