Spotted in Shenzhen: one of the new BYD-built electric cabs

The E6 in Shenzhen (Courtesy: China Briefing)

Shenzhen doesn’t quite have a pollution problem as bad as it’s northern brethren, but it’s already taking action to clear the air.

The city is rolling out electric taxis manufactured by BYD, the electric car company that drew a $230 million investment from Warren Buffet.  There are already about 300 of these things on the road in Shenzhen, so you might have already seen one (or been in one). China Briefing reports this is just the beginning:

Named the E6, the vehicle offers enough space for five passengers and has a range of some 160 kilometers. Plans are currently being put into place to convert all of Shenzhen’s public vehicular transport to electric – including buses and all taxis – over the next five years.

All existing gas (petrol) fuel stations in the city and its suburbs are currently being upgraded to include rapid electric charging systems.

This large-scale roll out of electric vehicles puts Shenzhen on the cutting edge globally, and will no doubt contribute to cleaner air.

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