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Controversial Class Teaches Women to Have “Absolute Obedience” to Husbands

Posted: 09/30/2014 10:30 am

Women attending one of the Women’s Virtue Classes

Dongguan has cancelled a class that taught women to tolerate domestic violence after critics said the class was chauvinistic and twisted traditional Chinese culture, New Express Daily reported.

The controversial “Women’s Virtue Class” that targeted women from teenage girls to women in their 70s had asked its students to strictly adhere to its four basic principles: never fight back when beaten, never talk back when verbally assaulted, take it as it as and never file for divorce.

The class came to light after a women’s organization went undercover at the school, Tencent reported. Song Yuping, a student that took the class, said she was taught a woman can suffer from headaches, arthritis, heart disease and thrombosis if she does not care for her father-in-law and husband. Conversely, absolute obedience to a husband can eventually cure lung cancer and albinism.

Following an investigation into the program by local authorities, Dongguan’s propaganda department announced the class has been officially shut down. An investigation found “its teaching curriculum was against social morals, and its class was run without a legal license,” the report said.

The Mengzheng Chinese Study Academy ran the women’s virtue class annually in 12 separate sessions, each of which was filled with 50 students. In addition to Dongguan, similar classes were taught in Beijing as well as Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi and Hainan provinces, Chinese National Radio reported earlier.

Most of the teaching materials were loosely based on Confucius classics. The popular class suggested “some modern women are desperate and hopeless when facing a family crisis. They can’t solve their immediate problems, and instead turn to those brainwashing women’s virtues to hypnotize themselves (for temporary relief)”, Jiang Jingjing, a commentator told Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily.

Photos: Wen Wei Po


Naked, Knife-Wielding Dongguan Man Takes Schoolgirl Hostage

Posted: 09/15/2014 8:00 am

naked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguanA man, wearing only his skivvies, took an 11 year-old schoolgirl hostage Saturday morning, in Dongguan, reports Wenweipo. The incident occurred in Shijie District near both Liangjia Village and Danwu Village.

After two hours, Police were successful in rescuing the hostage and subduing the suspect.

naked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguan

Neither the hostage, named Hu, nor the suspect was injured.

The suspect, described as “naked” by media reports, is a 25 year-old man, originally from Debao, Guangxi. His name is Huang X Kai, though it has been partially censored.

A preliminary investigation shows the hostage and the suspect do not know each other.

A police investigation is ongoing.naked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguannaked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguannaked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguannaked knife hostage taker schoolgirl dongguan

Photos: Weibo, Dongguan Police, Information Times


No Mooncakes, No work! Workers at Apple’s Supplier in Dongguan on Strike

Posted: 09/12/2014 10:10 am

Workers from Wasstop, a subsidiary of Taiwanese company Wintek, gathered outside of the company to protest.

Hundreds of workers at one of Apple’s suppliers in Dongguan were on strike Tuesday and Wednesday after the company failed to give the workers mooncakes and an RMB 600 ($98) bonus, reported Nandu on September 10.

Workers at the Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Company, blocked a major intersection at Shilong Road and Huancheng Road in Sanyuan Industrial Park, causing traffic congestion, the report said.

The government has banned officials from giving mooncakes to employees in an effort to reign in corruption. Of course, the mooncakes aren’t really the issue, rather it’s the bonuses that typically accompany them. Nonetheless, the law has led to a sharp drop in sales among mooncake suppliers across the country.

One unidentified worker said that the company typically gives a holiday bonus for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival to employees who have worked at the company for over a year. This year however, the bonus for Mid-Autumn Festival was absent, without any explanation.

Police vehicles at the protesting scene

Although Apple distanced itself from Masstop following a labour strike in 2009,  Globalpost reported, the optics aren’t particularly good. With the tech giant launching its new iPhones earlier this week, “strike” and “protest” probably aren’t the sort of headlines the company is looking for.

Apple had no comment regarding the protest. By 18:00 on Wednesday, about 80% of workers had returned to work.

Photos: China News 


Tonnes of Dongguan Gutter Oil Processed & Sold By Unlicensed Companies

Posted: 09/10/2014 10:00 am

A woman is processing gutter oil.

While Taiwan is scrambling to contain the aftermath of its recent gutter oil scandal, Dongguan is facing a scandal of its own, as reported by Nandu. It alleges that the city produced nearly 4,000 tones of gutter oil a month, with approximately 3,000 tonnes ending up on dining tables, which far outnumbers the 700 tonnes exposed in Taiwan.

According to an unidentified executive from Zhongyou Zaozhi Company, the city’s only legally licensed processor of gutter oil (which turns oil from kitchen waste and slaughterhouse byproducts into fatty acid and industrial soybean oil), the company can barely collect 1,000 tonnes out of the total 4,000 tonnes produced. The remaining 3,000 tonnes is collected by more than 10 unlicensed companies, either from the city or manufacturers from nearby Shenzhen, Huizhou and Zengcheng, to process and sell to restaurants or other retailers.

Collecting the oil is not always an easy job. Workers from Zhongyou Zaozhi company explained that some gutter oil collectors had resolved to fight for the profitable, substandard oil. One worker, Xiaodu, said in May that he was threatened by illegal oil collectors from Shenzhen. His nose was injured after telling them that they did not have the right to collect the oil in Dongguan.

Gutter oil seized in Beijing in 2010.

According to the report, high profits are fueling the gutter oil market. One tonne of the oil can be sold for nearly RMB 4,000 ($652), while the cost of collection and processing is less than RMB 1,000 ($163). In total, illegal gutter oil collectors can receive RMB 3,000 in profits ($489).

We don’t know what the health risks are in consuming the oil; but, researchers are apparently working around the clock to find the answer. As reports of food safety scandals continue to develop, we see a bright future for Baidu’s newly-unveiled smart chopsticks, which are said to be able to sense if the food you eat is made with gutter oil. At this rate, we can say this may be the most anticipated new product in China.

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Thugs Beat Up Sanitation Workers in Dongguan Contract Dispute

Posted: 08/28/2014 9:00 am

Nearly 40 sanitation workers in Dongguan were ambushed and badly beaten by a pipe-wielding mob following a contract dispute with a local landscaping company, Nandu reported on August 26.

The Dongguan Meishengda Municipal Engineering Co Ltd. were awarded a contract with the local Wancheng government to oversee the district’s landscaping and sanitation work. However, the sanitation workers defiantly refused to sign the contract claiming it was nothing more than a sheet of blank paper. According to Lin Junguo, a 59 year-old sanitation worker who has been sweeping Dongguan streets for nearly 20 years, the contract made no mention of the name of the employer, the salary, the length of the contract, or annual leave.

Of the 700 workers presented with the agreement, approximately 200 refused to sign. Those who objected were dismissed and replaced with new workers.

The violence erupted around 6:30am on August 25 when 40 workers gathered at Dongmen Square with the intention of taking their case to the local petition bureau. According to witnesses, four vans suddenly arrived carrying 20 or so tattooed young men with meter-long steel pipes. The men then attacked anyone wearing a sanitation uniform. The assault lasted approximately three minutes.

The company denied any involvement in the incident, and dismissed the accusation that they had hired triad members to attack the workers. According to the company, three workers who had been hired to replace those who refused to sign the new contract were responsible. Earlier that day, they had been assaulted by several of the dismissed workers. But when the newspaper interviewed the three injured workers, they denied any involvement: “(They were) not sent by us. If you have any questions, you should ask our boss,” one of the three injured workers said.

According to the SCMP, among construction companies, hiring triad members to “keep workers in line” is not an uncommon practice.

More than 10 sanitation workers were injured with two needing further surgery. Two passer-bys were also injured during the beating. The police have arrested seven suspects.

Here are some of the images:

Photos: Guangzhou Daily; sina weibo


Armed Thief Ties Up Dongguan Expat in Own Home

Posted: 08/14/2014 3:11 pm

new world gardensMasquerading as a kuaidi express courier, a robber armed with a knife forced his way into the residence of a Dongguan expat and stole cash and property totaling RMB 450,000. The victim of the robbery is identified as “David”, a 54 year-old man from Australia, reports XKB.

On August 9 at 8am, a man approached the No. 7 Dijingtai building of the New World Gardens residential area in Dongcheng District. The man identified himself as a courier, so David opened to the door only to be confronted by a man who forced his way into the home wielding a knife.

The intruder subdued David by tying him up, and then proceeded to loot David’s apartment. RMB 60,000, HK$80,000, 150,000 New Taiwan Dollars and US$11,000 were all taken in cash. The robber also made off with four watches, a phone, and various rings and jewelry.

Police used surveillance video to track down a suspect, who was arrested on August 10. The man is a 28 year-old surnamed Kong from Xianning, Hubei Province. He apparently handed over all the property from David’s apartment.

Kong operates a computer store and is several tens of thousands of yuan in debt. He told police he got the idea to commit robbery when his wife left him as a way to alleviate his financial problems.

new world gardens

[h/t HereDG]

Photos: t55, soufang


Dongguan Police Bust Underground Gambling Ring

Posted: 08/12/2014 12:30 pm

rmb money gamblingAn illegal gambling ring masquerading as a paper-manufacturing factory run by a Hong Konger was raided by Dongguan police on August 9 reported Nandu. This is the latest in a series of gambling-related arrests in Guangdong now totalling 58,154 people since the beginning of the year.

According to police, more than 40 gamblers, including the factory’s Hong Kong owner, were arrested in the raid. Hidden in Heng Li Town, the paper factory by day, gambling den by night, generated in excess of RMB 100,000 in daily bets.

The story came to light after a gambler, surnamed Wu, tipped off the police. Wu, a local company executive, lost thousands as a result of his addiction. He then watched as several of his employees who would accompany him to the gambling den followed suit. In a desperate attempt to fight his addiction, Wu reported the illegal ring to the local newspaper and assisted the police in the raid, according to the report.

In the first half of the year, Guangdong police filed 28,715 gambling-related cases, 1,651 of which were criminal in nature China News reported. Gambling was particularly rampant during the recent World Cup. One of the most talked about arrests was Guo Meimei, a controversial Internet celebrity. Guo was arrested in July for gambling and for her participation in the sex trade.

Photos: China News


Want a Late-Night “Massage” In Guangdong? You’ll Need to Show ID

Posted: 08/11/2014 3:31 pm

The crackdown in China’s undisputed capital of sex continues, despite recent reports that everything is returning back to normal.

That may come as good news to the 200,000 people who lost jobs as a result of the crackdown, which sent people fleeing from the city earlier this year. But while establishments are re-opening, they aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

Reports say that valid photo identification may be required for those late night massage visits, which we believe probably make up a majority of them, if a new proposal is approved. The proposal not only applies to Dongguan, but all of Guangdong Province.

From now on, any visits to a bath house after 2am would be subject to the new requirement. This will, more than likely, have a negative impact on these businesses. On the plus side? It’s sure to inject some stimulus into fake ID shops.

This new requirement has come to light alongside other stiff new regulations we told you about earlier, such as no lights off, no locks on the doors, and no prostitution (of course).

So where are these massage places? Far be it from us to tell you. Just remember, be safe.




White Collar Workers Complain of High Cost of Living in Dongguan

Posted: 08/7/2014 12:00 pm

Dongguan blue collar workers have long since struggled with the city’s ever increasing cost of living, however even higher paid white collar workers are starting to feel the pinch. After one white collar worker in the city posted a full list of his budgetary expenses and claimed he could hardly make ends meet with his RMB 10,000 monthly salary, he quickly discovered he wasn’t alone. The post has since sparked spirited discussions online and resonated with many fellow workers in the city.

Any job that pays RMB 10,000/month in Dongguan is a high-paying gig given that the city’s average annual salary for a private sector worker is only RMB 37,020 per year, or RMB 3,080 a month but that hasn’t stopped some residents suggesting 10K just isn’t enough to get by these days.

The user, who works as a senior financial consultant, wrote in his post that his actual income after deducting social security funds, individual income tax and CPF is only RMB 7,457. Then of course there are his monthly expenses: a housing mortgage of RMB 3,000; electricity, gas, Internet, and TV cable fees totalling RMB 300; car maintenance that comes to RMB 1,370; fruit and snacks costing RMB 300; and mobile charges that amount to RMB 100. After expenses, all he is left with each month is RMB 977.3.

But these calculations were considered minimal by some. One user commented that if the additional costs of children’s milk formula, education fees and medical charges were also included, such a monthly salary wouldn’t be enough.

According to a survey conducted by Guangzhou Daily among 20 white collar workers, about 80% of respondents revealed that rent and housing mortgages are the biggest expenses each month.

 Photos: Guangzhou Daily; Sina


Girlfriend Mistaken for Prostitute in Dongguan Hotel Raid

Posted: 08/1/2014 5:55 pm

dongguan vice bustQixi Festival is coming up this weekend, and there’s love in the air to coincide with this newly appropriated “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. And yet, couples must take care to ensure their love remains within the confines of the law.

An unmarried couple spending the night together in Dongguan found themselves in police detention when they were caught up in a raid on prostitution, reports Sina News.

Miss Wang and her boyfriend were staying at a hotel near Jinyue Bay, Dongcheng on July 28 when they received a knock on their door at 11pm. It was a team of police that asked to see their personal identification. Miss Wang didn’t have her personal ID, but showed her driver’s license instead. The police left.

However, they returned 15 minutes later to request the two of them to come down to the police station for further questioning on the suspicion that they were in violation of prostitution laws. The pair was detained by police until 11 am the next day.

The couple has known each other for a year, and are set to be married at the end of this year. They have also purchased a house in Dongguan.

The police confirmed later that no individuals were charged with prostitution offenses that night at the hotel. They said the delay in releasing the couple was due to a computer problem that did not allow them to make a proper identification.

As per Chinese criminal law, municipal police have the right to detain suspects for up to 24 hours in order to conduct an investigation.

This was not the first time a man’s girlfriend has been suspected of being his hired company in Dongguan. The prostitution crackdown that has seen thousands of people arrested resulted in police previously detaining such a couple that were later released.

But perhaps cops are just sensitive because Qixi Festival arrives this weekend, known in traditional Chinese culture as “Girls’ Day” and not the “traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day” it is currently marketed as. Rather than a day in which romantic love is celebrated between couples, Qixi Festival is the traditional day for to celebrate girl culture in China. On this day in history, girls were allowed to roam around freely while they held competitions to see who had the best skills to be the “perfect wife”.

The one romantic aspect of Qixi Festival involves the story of the Cowherd and the Seamstress. The story is about star-crossed lovers who were denied being together except on the one day of the year when the ravens would all fly into the sky, acting as a bridge for the two to briefly meet in the Milky Way.

Who knows? If you are in a Dongguan hotel with your soulmate this Qixi Festival, you too might be denied seeing her.

Photo: Hexun

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