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Thugs Beat Up Sanitation Workers in Dongguan Contract Dispute

Posted: 08/28/2014 9:00 am

Nearly 40 sanitation workers in Dongguan were ambushed and badly beaten by a pipe-wielding mob following a contract dispute with a local landscaping company, Nandu reported on August 26.

The Dongguan Meishengda Municipal Engineering Co Ltd. were awarded a contract with the local Wancheng government to oversee the district’s landscaping and sanitation work. However, the sanitation workers defiantly refused to sign the contract claiming it was nothing more than a sheet of blank paper. According to Lin Junguo, a 59 year-old sanitation worker who has been sweeping Dongguan streets for nearly 20 years, the contract made no mention of the name of the employer, the salary, the length of the contract, or annual leave.

Of the 700 workers presented with the agreement, approximately 200 refused to sign. Those who objected were dismissed and replaced with new workers.

The violence erupted around 6:30am on August 25 when 40 workers gathered at Dongmen Square with the intention of taking their case to the local petition bureau. According to witnesses, four vans suddenly arrived carrying 20 or so tattooed young men with meter-long steel pipes. The men then attacked anyone wearing a sanitation uniform. The assault lasted approximately three minutes.

The company denied any involvement in the incident, and dismissed the accusation that they had hired triad members to attack the workers. According to the company, three workers who had been hired to replace those who refused to sign the new contract were responsible. Earlier that day, they had been assaulted by several of the dismissed workers. But when the newspaper interviewed the three injured workers, they denied any involvement: “(They were) not sent by us. If you have any questions, you should ask our boss,” one of the three injured workers said.

According to the SCMP, among construction companies, hiring triad members to “keep workers in line” is not an uncommon practice.

More than 10 sanitation workers were injured with two needing further surgery. Two passer-bys were also injured during the beating. The police have arrested seven suspects.

Here are some of the images:

Photos: Guangzhou Daily; sina weibo


Guangdong Officials Banned from Using Triad Nomenclature

Posted: 05/14/2014 8:10 pm

According to a missive issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Discipline Supervision, all workers belonging to government bodies are now forbidden to call each other names like “boss“, “Don“, or any other titles with underworld implications.

Also made forbidden is the practice by which some government workers have taken to calling subordinates by the nomenclature of “brother” or “bro“.

The Bureau of Discipline Supervision stated this practice destroys both party democracy and the image of the public servant; as such, it is not conducive to the character of the Party and the People’s government, and so is forbidden.

The missive does not cover it, but we’re not sure what to call a envelope that is red in color except maybe a “red envelope”.

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Photo: m1905


Shenzhen Property Management Election Thwarted by Thugs

Posted: 04/21/2014 2:12 pm

guangzhou futian district ballot box election thugs property management

Democracy is simply over-rated; if we, the people, were meant to elect leaders by counting votes, we would have been born with more fingers. While we can compensate by taking off our shoes and socks, the fundamental problem of democracy is that it causes more hassles than it is actually worth.

Consider the recent case of Hongshu Luzhou Neighborhood in Futian District, Shenzhen. At around 10:35am on April 14, a gang of 20-30 pipe-carrying thugs burst into a election to determine the new property management for the neighborhood, Nandu Web reported. Within three minutes of entering the compound, the thugs had stolen three ballot boxes while being recorded in broad daylight.

The neighborhood was voting to determine a new property management after the term for the current management expired in August 2013. Four new property managements were invited to be on the ballot, but not the existing one. For its part, current property management Gonglian Property Management Company has disavowed any involvement with the theft of the ballot boxes.

Property management is an integral part to the running of operations to neighborhoods and buildings. Components like security guards are hired by the property management, a circumstance that allows illegal behavior by security guards to be dismissed later by the neighborhood or institution—a situation much like the Shenzhen hospital that absolved itself of any responsibility after its security guards were recorded abusing a cat and then caught on camera beating reporters.

Tampering with ballot boxes happened before in July 2012 when thugs crashed another Guangdong neighborhood election. The video shows thugs threatening and beating voters before making off with a ballot box. Meanwhile, reform for selecting property management in Shenzhen has proposed neighborhood elections by which voters can submit ballots by text message.

With its ballots now lost, the outcome of the Hongshu Luzhou neighborhood election is thrown into chaos. If there weren’t any elections whatsoever, problems like these would be remedied before they begin. If only we could live in an ideal world in which the responsibilities of the many are shouldered by an elite group that know better—then, at last, Hongshu Luzhou residents can enjoy the harmonious property management they deserve.

Photo: Nandu


Over 150 members of Hong Kong mafia organization arrested in Shenzhen

Posted: 04/1/2013 7:00 am

350 police officers were used in a raid on a hotel in Shenzhen’s Futian District that saw 160 suspected mobsters arrested on March 29, reports.

Police enter the hotel

You can see footage of the arrest here and below. The police clearly wanted the sting filmed.

The raid, which took place shortly before midnight near Futian checkpoint, involved over 10 police vans. The suspects are still being held for questioning.

This follows a crackdown on organized crime in Guangdong Province which took place last year. The China Daily reported:

Police detained 529 suspects as part of a crackdown on 311 unsolved cross-border organized crime matters during a campaign between July 9 and Aug 8, according to Guo Shaobo, deputy director-general of Guangdong provincial department of public security.

In 2011, U.K.-born former Royal Marine Chris Thrall told his story of working as a doorman for a Hong Kong criminal organization from the mid-1990s.


Police raid hotels and casinos in Macau after spate of attacks on guests, some fatal

Posted: 08/6/2012 9:00 am

Macau saw a huge police sting on August 3 and 4 that harkened back to the triad days in the late 1990s when the enclave was still a Portuguese territory.

Bloomberg has reported that Macau police orchestrated a series of raids on casinos and hotels in a joint-operation with law enforcement officials in the mainland and Hong Kong after a spate of attacks on guests, some with fatal consequences.

Nevertheless, the mass crackdown is part of a wider operation known as “Thunderbolt,” which has seen police quiz over 1,300 people and detain 149.

Au Kam-sun, a Macau lawmaker, told Bloomberg:

“Crime comes inevitably with casinos… The police make a clean-up every now-and-then to keep the triads in check.”

That may be so, but the last few months have seen violent crime return to pre-handover days.  Bloomberg sums up the recent incidents:

Ng Man-sun, the largest shareholder of Amax Holdings Ltd. (959), was beaten in a restaurant at a casino operated by his company, the New York Times reported on June 28. The Macau New Century Hotel stopped accepting guests after the assault because “certain unidentified persons” had been staying there for a long time, according to the South China Morning Post on July 3.

Ng, also known by his nickname “Market Wai,” requested that eight of the nine directors of Amax’s board be removed and replaced by five new directors, according to a company statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange on July 16.

The attack on him was followed by the killing of a Chinese woman in a neighborhood near the Venetian Macau casino, and the murder of two men at the Grand Lapa Hotel, which is operated by Mandarin Oriental International Ltd. (MAND), according to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.

The question now is whether the cleanup will be effective.

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