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Ugly Video Shows Group of Girls in Maoming Beating Up Another Girl

Posted: 07/1/2014 3:41 pm

girl bullies maoming gang beating guangdongA girl was beaten by a group of her peers in Maoming, and the whole episode was caught on video. A video has surfaced on the internet that shows three girls, who all look to be junior high school students, ganging up to beat on another girl as a fourth accomplice records a video of the entire incident.

The video shows three girls ganging up on the single girl, while the fourth girl presumably holds the camera to film the incident. All appear to be junior high school students.

girl bullies maoming gang beating guangdong

At one point, one of the attackers poses with a “V-sign” to the camera as she says, “Yeah!”

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The victim, wearing navy blue, didn’t hit back at her attackers during the entire ordeal. None of the people in the video have been identified.

girl bullies maoming gang beating guangdong

Beating up a single girl by a gang of female bullies is a common story in Guangdong, one that is often accompanied by a video recording.

In 2008, a 17 year-old girl was beaten up by four girls and then raped by a gang of boys. In 2009, three girls ganged up on a girl in Jieyang. In 2010, a Guangdong woman described by media as “beautiful and pregnant” was beaten by a gang of girls while passersby stood and watched. Last year, a Zhuhai girl was beaten and stripped by a gang of girls on camera.

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Photos: Screenshots from Sina Video


Guangdong schoolgirl attempts suicide because teacher disapproved of hairdo

Posted: 04/1/2014 4:27 pm
hairdo rejection nandu schoolgirl suicide attempt


It’s not just the bald man who laments, “Hair today; gone tomorrow.”

On March 30 at around 7pm, police in the city of Heshan concluded 16 year-old schoolgirl Xiao Zhong leaped from the third story of the Shanping Middle School in an apparent suicide attempt, reported

Urged by government officials to find a harmonious conclusion to this investigation so as to preserve teacher-student relations, police have found that Xiao Zhong was not coerced into this action; however, they still do not have a clear reason for the suicide attempt.

Xiao Zhong had left clues leading up to her jump. Her last QQ status update was: “Please cherish the last moments we spent together this past week, okay? while another message she left was Am going to the place they call Heaven!

Fellow students of Xiao Zhong say that the teacher of the homeroom did not find her hairstyle to be suitable according to school requirements, and would “teach her a lesson”. Xiao Zhong had gotten her hair done in a “W” style because the name of the boy she has a crush on starts with this letter.

Police would refer to this infatuation in pointing out that Xiao Zhong was in a state of “emotional turbulence”; as well, they would offer conclusive proof to her state of un-being by finding a note in her belongings that said, In this world, what are feelings for?”

Xiao Zhong suffered serious head injuries and bone fractures; she is currently in the Intensive Care Unit where her condition has been stabilized.

Xiao Zhong’s father, who works in a shoe factory along with her mother and fully admits he knows nothing about his own daughter’s emotional state, said about Xiao Zhong’s condition:

“I don’t know why she would jump off a roof; all I want for her is for her to get another new haircut.”


Shenzhen girls move audience with song about friendship

Posted: 05/28/2012 7:00 am

Many of us feel like the best friendships we ever have are ones from our youth. But few of us get the chance to appear on television to express this.

Two teenage girls from Shenzhen wowed the audience at China Dream Show on Zhejiang Television with a song about youth. The girls, Mai Jing Yan and Tu Li Ping, are best friends who claim to “do everything together.” However, they are in the second year of high school and are set to see a lot less of each other because Mai is about to move to Hong Kong to continue her education. They appeared on the show to sing the song “Those Years” as a celebration of their five-year friendship.

Despite Tu forgetting her second line, the song, originally made famous by singer Hu Xia, raised raucous applause. The lyrics express nostalgia for school days and the relationships we lose as we get older. Members of the audience wiped tears away as the girls embraced each other on stage. Before they left, the host urged them to make every effort to keep in contact and Tu’s entire face was covered in tears when it was announced that the audience had an overwhelmingly positive perception of their singing.

The video of the girls’ performance became popular online and they quickly became known as the “School Uniform Sisters” because of what they were wearing on stage. A microblogger named Lu Cha Together said the video made her remember her girlfriends in school, another exclaimed “Long live friendship. I support you.”

Many parents struggle to have their children educated outside mainland China because the education system has such a bad reputation. The Gaokao is particularly notorious, as we told you before.


15 year old dresses in schoolgirl uniform to solicit sex, says “anything better than being poor”

Posted: 05/3/2012 11:59 pm

Police arrested two teenaged girls – one of them only 15 – in Foshan last week after they found the girls soliciting sex, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily.

The two girls wore uniforms from the local technical school in Sanshui District and reported to their 23-year old female ringleader known as “Hei Mei”.  The girls both admitted they were ashamed of their profession, but had no other source of income.  They said they could demand a high price if they went out dressed as school girls, with one of them saying “anything is better than being poor”.

This isn’t the first time young teenaged girls have been found soliciting sex.  A similar case was reported in Shanghai last fall.


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