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Wuhan Lovers’ Excited First Kiss Turns Into Hospital Visit

Posted: 08/7/2014 10:25 am

first kiss

What was supposed to be a romantic, memorable experience for a young couple in Wuhan turned into an embarrassing (and painful) hospital visit. As reported by Caijing, a first kiss turned into a nightmare.

An 18 year-old university student named Zhang was out celebrating with his girlfriend Xiao Wen on their first Qixi Festival together last Saturday. They did the usual lovebird-type things: Zhang gave her candy and took her out to dinner. Then they headed out into a secluded wooded area on campus where everything appeared right for that special moment.

Zhang, though, was a bit too excited. As he leaned in to kiss Xiao Wen, he collided with her using excessive force, causing her jaw to dislocate.  At around 9pm, red with embarrassment, Zhang took Xiao Wen to a hospital off campus to avoid running into anybody he knew.

The Deputy Director of the Oral Cavity Department Dr Zhang Fulan treated Xiao and properly reattached her jaw, allowing her to open and close it as well as being able to kiss, should she ever recover from her newest phobia.

Despite the sensational circumstances of this story, Dr Zhang said these types of injuries are quite common. He said jaw dislocations commonly occur from kissing, laughing, yawning, or eating an apple. He explained that because the jaw is relaxed, injuries resulting from force can happen.

To prevent such injuries, Dr Zhang recommends not opening your mouth too wide, laughing too loudly, biting into things that are too hard, and to exercise your chewing muscles.

As for kissing, Dr Zhang suggests not to “overdo it”.

Photo: Youtube


Girlfriend Mistaken for Prostitute in Dongguan Hotel Raid

Posted: 08/1/2014 5:55 pm

dongguan vice bustQixi Festival is coming up this weekend, and there’s love in the air to coincide with this newly appropriated “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. And yet, couples must take care to ensure their love remains within the confines of the law.

An unmarried couple spending the night together in Dongguan found themselves in police detention when they were caught up in a raid on prostitution, reports Sina News.

Miss Wang and her boyfriend were staying at a hotel near Jinyue Bay, Dongcheng on July 28 when they received a knock on their door at 11pm. It was a team of police that asked to see their personal identification. Miss Wang didn’t have her personal ID, but showed her driver’s license instead. The police left.

However, they returned 15 minutes later to request the two of them to come down to the police station for further questioning on the suspicion that they were in violation of prostitution laws. The pair was detained by police until 11 am the next day.

The couple has known each other for a year, and are set to be married at the end of this year. They have also purchased a house in Dongguan.

The police confirmed later that no individuals were charged with prostitution offenses that night at the hotel. They said the delay in releasing the couple was due to a computer problem that did not allow them to make a proper identification.

As per Chinese criminal law, municipal police have the right to detain suspects for up to 24 hours in order to conduct an investigation.

This was not the first time a man’s girlfriend has been suspected of being his hired company in Dongguan. The prostitution crackdown that has seen thousands of people arrested resulted in police previously detaining such a couple that were later released.

But perhaps cops are just sensitive because Qixi Festival arrives this weekend, known in traditional Chinese culture as “Girls’ Day” and not the “traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day” it is currently marketed as. Rather than a day in which romantic love is celebrated between couples, Qixi Festival is the traditional day for to celebrate girl culture in China. On this day in history, girls were allowed to roam around freely while they held competitions to see who had the best skills to be the “perfect wife”.

The one romantic aspect of Qixi Festival involves the story of the Cowherd and the Seamstress. The story is about star-crossed lovers who were denied being together except on the one day of the year when the ravens would all fly into the sky, acting as a bridge for the two to briefly meet in the Milky Way.

Who knows? If you are in a Dongguan hotel with your soulmate this Qixi Festival, you too might be denied seeing her.

Photo: Hexun


Shenzhen company gives singles the day off to find love on Chinese Valentine’s

Posted: 08/14/2013 7:00 am

Single employees of an LED company in Shenzhen were given the day off to find love on Chinese Valentine’s Day, known colloquially as Qixi, which fell yesterday, The Daily Sunshine reported on its microblog.

Here is The Nanfang’s translation of the below notice:

Shenzhen RISIP Company would like to announce ahead of Chinese Valentine’s Day:All single members of staff can have a paid day off to declare their love to someone. Those who succeed will get a 1,000 yuan cash bonus.

Also, the CEO will personally give rings to each of the new lovebirds. Those who attempt to cheat will have their heads shaven and be forced to work overtime on Sundays for two months.

Married employees, do whatever you must.

The notice, image courtesy of Sina Weibo

But even a gesture such as that is destined to encounter some cynicism. One netizen wrote: “Clever boss, for a small amount of money he gets a big advertisement.”

This company is just one of many examples of people marking the festival in a creative way.

According to Travel China Guide, different regions have different customs, but wherever you go you will find plenty of people celebrating the festival in not so customary ways. Below is an image from last year’s Qixi of couples marking their wedding day on a roller coaster at Shenzhen’s Happy Valley. Twelve couples did the same yesterday, according to Shenzhen Daily’s microblog.

Let’s hope their marriages are less of a roller coaster, image courtesy of Nandu Daily

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