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Wuhan Lovers’ Excited First Kiss Turns Into Hospital Visit

Posted: 08/7/2014 10:25 am

first kiss

What was supposed to be a romantic, memorable experience for a young couple in Wuhan turned into an embarrassing (and painful) hospital visit. As reported by Caijing, a first kiss turned into a nightmare.

An 18 year-old university student named Zhang was out celebrating with his girlfriend Xiao Wen on their first Qixi Festival together last Saturday. They did the usual lovebird-type things: Zhang gave her candy and took her out to dinner. Then they headed out into a secluded wooded area on campus where everything appeared right for that special moment.

Zhang, though, was a bit too excited. As he leaned in to kiss Xiao Wen, he collided with her using excessive force, causing her jaw to dislocate.  At around 9pm, red with embarrassment, Zhang took Xiao Wen to a hospital off campus to avoid running into anybody he knew.

The Deputy Director of the Oral Cavity Department Dr Zhang Fulan treated Xiao and properly reattached her jaw, allowing her to open and close it as well as being able to kiss, should she ever recover from her newest phobia.

Despite the sensational circumstances of this story, Dr Zhang said these types of injuries are quite common. He said jaw dislocations commonly occur from kissing, laughing, yawning, or eating an apple. He explained that because the jaw is relaxed, injuries resulting from force can happen.

To prevent such injuries, Dr Zhang recommends not opening your mouth too wide, laughing too loudly, biting into things that are too hard, and to exercise your chewing muscles.

As for kissing, Dr Zhang suggests not to “overdo it”.

Photo: Youtube

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