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Jiangmen man held hostage after online hookup

Son promises to finally come home for the holidays this year. Son doesn’t show up but calls from Guangzhou saying he’s met a girl online. Someone claiming to have kidnapped the man starts texting all sorts of crazy threats to son’s parents, demanding a modest ransom, or else. Continue reading

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Nanfang Transport: A review of the new high-speed rail between Shenzhen and Guangzhou

We launch a new series today on traveling in the Pearl River Delta with a first-hand look at the brand new high-speed rail link connecting Guangzhou and Shenzhen in only 35 minutes. Continue reading

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Chunyun part 2: Back to work

The Chinese lunar new year fun is over and it’s back to work for all of us in the PRD, which means millions of old and new faces passing through our transportation hubs. Southern Group catches the big return on digital. Continue reading

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How to avoid problems at the Canton Fair

A retail-focused website has put together an introduction to the Canton Fair for visiting laowai, complete with a top 10 list of “don’ts” while visiting Guangzhou. Continue reading

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Nanfang TV: Guangzhou lit up to ring in the Year of the Dragon

The skies above the Pearl River in Guangzhou were lit up in a blaze of colour on Monday to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon. Continue reading

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Holiday reading: why the iPhone is built in Shenzhen

The iPhone may have been conceived in California, but without the scalable factories and huge labour force in Shenzhen, it wouldn’t exist. Continue reading

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The Spin Doctor – Bill Ryder-Jones, “If…”

This week The Spin Doctor reviews Bill Ryder-Jones’ debut LP “If…”. Inspired by Italian author Italo Calvino and his novel “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler”, “If…” is a remarkably accessible blend of stark instrumental orchestration with just enough vocals to tie it all together. Continue reading

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Sky Drop ride opens at Canton Tower

Just a few months since Canton Tower added a horizontal ferris wheel on its roof, it’s now made the addition this week of what appears to be the world’s tallest drop tower ride. What’s next, gigantic swings? Continue reading

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Express deliveries ramp down in Guangzhou for CNY

Express delivery companies are shutting down for Chinese New Year, not because they want the time off, but because transport logistics is too much of a mess at this time of year for them to get your letters or parcels delivered on time. Continue reading

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Let the foreign kids go to public schools, proposes one Guangzhou legislator

Most foreign families residing in the PRD can afford to send their children to private international schools here, but lower costs aside, it’s easy to think of a few other benefits in having kids enroll at a local public primary or secondary school. Continue reading

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