Sky Drop ride opens at Canton Tower

Posted: 01/20/2012 7:25 pm

As of Wednesday this week, Guangzhou’s Canton Tower is now home to the world’s tallest drop tower ride.

Plummeting 484 meters from its peak, the Sky Drop now holds the title of world’s tallest amusement ride, writes New Express, gaining the title from the Stratosphere’s Big Shot ride in Las Vegas, which tops out at 329 meters.

The ride opened January 18 and has two types of cars, a 6-seater and a 4-seater. 130 RMB will get you up the ride, or you can pay out 230 RMB for a ticket that also gets you up to the tower’s open-air observation deck 450 meters above ground level, as well as a ride around the Guangzhou Eye.

As for how popular this will turn out, one newlywed couple has already kicked things off by bringing their whole crew to the ride, going up themselves in full wedding drag:


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