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Watch: All-out brawl at Guangzhou South Railway Station

Posted: 05/3/2013 10:36 am

Here is a spectacular attempt at a very public cat fight at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

At least a dozen passengers and railway staff became embroiled in a brawl. In the video, people throw themselves at one and another, falling over flying feet and fists, outside the security check-in zone. So far it’s not clear who came out on top in this dispute, or even what caused it.

With millions of people on the move in China every day, the public transport experience is has become ridden with tension and stress. There have been notable and sporadic outbreaks of travel tantrums over recent months.

Remember Yan Linkun, the suspended CPPCC committee member and deputy chairman of state-owned Yunnan Mining Corporation, who teamed up with his wife to smash gate 38 at Kunming Airport?

Just like in this new case, he was recorded on a mobile phone, seen ripping and throwing whatever he could find after he missed his flight.

More recently, a China Southern Airlines gate agent was snapped lying on the floor at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, covering his face after being attacked by an irate passenger over the late arrival of a flight.

There seems to be a lack of travel etiquette on the roads, rails and runways.

Kicking-off in Kunming Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport incident

H/T: Shanghaiist

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