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Shenzhen to have safe tap water later this year

Shenzhen’s municipal government has announced that residents of the city will have clean drinking water available in their homes sometime later this year. Continue reading

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Tired of homework, Foshan teen hacks local Bureau of Education website

After realizing that he wasn’t going to finish his holiday homework assignments this CNY, a high school student in Foshan turned to his computer skills to take down the local education bureau website. He got busted but escaped serious punishment, and the attacks have actually led to some progressive change in his school district. Continue reading

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Guangzhou pharmacies free of fake erection pills

Thanks to a CNTV report yesterday, The Nanfang readers–those in Guangzhou, at least–can rest assured that their erection enhancement pills are in fact the real deal. Continue reading

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‘Wing Chun Brother’ saves woman, helps nab killer

A knife-wielding fugitive murderer picked the wrong lady to try and rob this week and got his ass whooped in Foshan by a hard-fisted 23-year-old. Continue reading

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Wukan breaks ground with election oversight committee vote

Wukan residents made history yesterday by turning out to vote for members of a committee which will oversee new elections next month to replace village leaders chased out last year amid a successful local anti-corruption movement. Continue reading

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Jiangmen man held hostage after online hookup

Son promises to finally come home for the holidays this year. Son doesn’t show up but calls from Guangzhou saying he’s met a girl online. Someone claiming to have kidnapped the man starts texting all sorts of crazy threats to son’s parents, demanding a modest ransom, or else. Continue reading

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Chunyun part 2: Back to work

The Chinese lunar new year fun is over and it’s back to work for all of us in the PRD, which means millions of old and new faces passing through our transportation hubs. Southern Group catches the big return on digital. Continue reading

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Sky Drop ride opens at Canton Tower

Just a few months since Canton Tower added a horizontal ferris wheel on its roof, it’s now made the addition this week of what appears to be the world’s tallest drop tower ride. What’s next, gigantic swings? Continue reading

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Suspect detained following billionaire CEO’s death by poisoned cat

Proof of government and business collusion became a side note in this story in which a man was poisoned by his business partner by means of a cat meat hotpot meal, who also poisoned himself in the process. Continue reading

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Shenzhen bus driver in critical condition with suspected case of bird flu

More than a year since China’s last h1n1 fatality, a man’s life now hangs in the balance in Shenzhen with what is believed to be an infection of the bird flu virus. Continue reading

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