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Nangfang News: Guangzhou activists detained after anti-Gaddafi protest

Geeks at Guangdong U of Foreign Studies do their hacking in English, Guangzhou kindergarten headmasters demonstrate that they have no souls and real aliens have now begun moving into the city. Continue reading

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The light goes on: China to improve PR after Wenzhou, Guo Meimei fiascos

China has held a PR course in Beijing for spokespeople to instill them with “moral values” using the disastrous Wenzhou train crash and Guo Meimei scandal as case studies of how *not* to respond to the media. Continue reading

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Guangdong votes for happiest couples

Long-lasting love can definitely be found in Guangdong. Chinese netizens hit the interwebs to cast their votes for the happiest couples of them all. Continue reading

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Nanfang News: Guangdong prosecutors seal criminal records for young offenders

Also in the news: a hillside fire breaks out in Guangzhou’s Baiyun district, high temperatures will survive Typhoon Nanmadol this week, NBA star forward Tracy McGrady was seen in Foshan yesterday, and don’t forget to keep your eyes on your dog. Continue reading

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From the “badly needed” file: Hertz unveils electric car rentals in Shenzhen

In a move to combat the hazy skies of Shenzhen, Hertz will soon begin renting out electric cars made by Shenzhen-based BYD. Continue reading

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New Sounds of China Episode 3: The Beijing Scene

Paul Kendall and Hu Pan explore three less-hyped Beijing record labels in the latest episode of the popular music podcast New Sounds of China. Continue reading

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Universiade is done, but legacy will live on in Shenzhen…

The Universiade is officially over, the venues are now open to the public and plans are underway to build a memorial square around the Universiade flame tower. Continue reading

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The Spin Doctor – Active Child, “You Are All I See”

This week The Spin Doctor reviews Active Child’s debut LP “You Are All I See”. The harpist (that’s right, he’s a harpist) and former choir singer performs a rather unique blend of baroque synth-pop and experimental R&B in the vein of James Blake, Antony & the Johnsons and even Bat for Lashes. Continue reading

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Nanfang News: Foshan plastics boss abandons factory, 1000+ employees

Guangzhou’s singles scene is heating up about as fast as the price of the RMB. Also, (semi-)nude wedding photos catch on, dogs are no longer allowed to bark, and school kids in Guangzhou’s Tianhe district are being kicked out during their daily lunch break. Continue reading

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Nanfang News: Buyer wanted for Guangzhou sports and concert venue

In Guangzhou, the owner of a fancy Asian Games leftover sports and entertainment stadium is looking to sell, the walls are crashing down in the city’s foreign trade district and high school dropouts from across Guangdong province get ready to put their lives back on track. Continue reading

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