Guy in a Guangzhou supermarket cutting random kids with a razor

In his novella, “Diary of a Madman,” Lu Xun explored the idea that China is a society in which the strong eat the weak. ┬áThat was crystallized on Friday in Guangzhou, where three of the most vulnerable members of society all suffered an unprovoked attack.

Three babies who were being carried by their mothers in a supermarket had their feet sliced with a razor, according to Guangzhou Local Television. On Friday, a woman identified as Mizz Zhou went to the Jusco Supermarket in Guangzhou’s Dadaobei with her two-month old baby and nanny. The nanny carried the sleeping baby. After 20 minutes of wandering through the supermarket, Zhou noticed that her baby was in pain, looked down and saw it had a gash on its right foot.

Unaware of what had caused the bleeding, Zhou immediately went to the Nanfang Hospital which was opposite the supermarket. The doctor put a bandage on the wound and gave the child a tetanus jab. As Zhang was leaving, she noticed a woman with a three-month old baby boy who had exactly the same injury. She spoke to the woman and discovered that the baby had sustained its injuries at the same time and place. Zhou accompanied the woman back to the supermarket to look at the security camera footage.

The footage showed a man in his early 30s who was wearing flip-flops and dark blue trousers. As he drew near to Zhou’s baby, he pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a laser blade, slashed the foot and discreetly moved on. On Sunday Zhou took her baby back to the hospital where she was told that the baby’s injury was not serious but that ointment must be applied to the wound every day.

When the information was posted on Sina Weibo, a third mother, identified as Chen, saw it and realised the same thing had happened to her baby. She had assumed there had been an accident, but when speaking to the television station, recalled seeing the man turn around to look at her. Jusco said it has never experienced such a case before and will conduct an investigation.

There were a series of stabbings in kindergartens in early 2010 by loan psychopaths across the country.

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