Nanfang News: Buyer wanted for Guangzhou sports and concert venue

The Guangzhou International Sports and Performance Center, built way out in Luogang district for last year’s Asian Games, is back in the news again. Better known for its NBA standard basketball court (left), the venue cost 2.1 bln RMB to construct but now sits largely unused, costing 20 mln RMB a year to maintain. The company running it has said it hopes to sell the sports and entertainment complex off, possibly to a well-known multinational corporation like Coca-Cola. The asking price is 30 mln RMB, more info here.

It’s like the London Eye, only staring straight up

The world’s lamest horizontal ferris wheel opens to the public next Thursday. Beginning September 1, 130 RMB will get you 20 minutes of feeling like you’re about to drop over and roll down the side of Guangzhou Tower.

Enrollment opens for mature student university entrance exams

Also on September 1, enrollment begins around Guangdong province for adult gaokao testing, exams for people who for whatever reason never finished high school but now want to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited institution. The adult gaokao program is designed to take three years of study at an annual cost of between 3,000-5,000 RMB, and this year’s tests will be held at more than 70 venues on October 15 and 16. Tests are divided by subject, and each test costs 37 RMB. More info here.

Building tiles fall

Stone tiles and roofing materials fell suddenly off a building at the corner of Xiaobei Rd. and Fazheng Rd. Tuesday afternoon in the heart of Guangzhou’s foreign trader district. See a photo of the sectioned-off area here.

Mid-Autumn Festival dates set

China’s State Council has announced the dates of this year’s mid-Autumn festival holiday, September 10-12. Stay tuned to The Nanfang‘s Twitter feed @thenanfang for any activities we come across set for that long weekend.

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