Nanfang News: Guangdong prosecutors seal criminal records for young offenders

A fire broke out Saturday evening in hills north of Tianhe district in Guangzhou, but took only two hours to extinguish.

Big Brother starts helping little brothers out

‘Hometown associations’, long an instrument used by local authorities to keep tabs on all the potential union organizers who arrive each year from difference provinces to work in the PRD’s factories and drive our taxis, have a new purpose now.

According to Southern Daily, hometown associations throughout the PRD have reversed course and are now active in helping members resolve labor or contract disputes and various other conflicts.

The newspaper isolates two factors which led to the change: stronger social foundation throughout Guangdong province, and a rapid increase in recent years in the number of hometown associations throughout the area. Southern Daily notes that Shenzhen alone has over 200 hometown association offices.

T-Mac brings the love to Foshan

Hundreds poured out yesterday to get a glimpse of seven-time NBA all-star and #1 forward for the Detroit Pistons, Tracy McGrady, traveling across China this month on his Feeling Love tour.

McGrady’s contract with the Pistons expired earlier this month, so we’re waiting to find out that he’ll actually be playing with the Long Lions all next season.

Court records to remain sealed for young offenders

Guangdong public prosecutors announced earlier this month that juvenile offenders in the province will now have their criminal records expunged for any convictions which take place prior to their 18th birthday, and the same deal applies to registered students once they turn 25.

The decision comes after the number of young criminals has risen by 11% over the past five years, and is aimed at rehabilitating delinquents by making it easier for them now to seek employment, stay in the school system, or join the army, all options previously unavailable to anyone with a criminal record.

Dog crackdown continues

The crackdown on unregistered dogs which started in Guangzhou’s Panyu district has spread north to Yuexiu, which covers most of the downtown area. Media reported over the weekend that police are doing spot checks in various neighborhoods at different hours throughout the day, issuing fines to owners of unlicensed dogs and impounding those dogs found running astray.

No heat respite despite approaching typhoon

Typhoon Nanmadol is supposed to pass next to Guangdong province today and bring crap weather through to Wednesday. Temperatures are not expected to go down, however, and will likely stay in the mid to high 30s this week.

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