Guangdong factory workers strike after being insulted by boss

News of another worker protest made headlines this week not for their demands for higher pay or more days off, but, according to this Guangzhou Daily report, an apology after those protesting felt they’d been humiliated by their boss.

Back to work, slaves!

The story takes us to Nanhai, where the small Qiangqun shoe factory has operated without issue for 19 years. The dispute reached a head when the factory received notice late last month from the local demolition office that the factory had been ordered to move, and soon.  So, this past Saturday, Lin, the GM of the factory, rounded everyone up to let them know that they would still have jobs at another factory owned by the same company in Yongli, around two kilometers away, and that no changes would be made to their wages or other benefits.

The workers then began claiming severance pay, even if they would remain employees of the same conglomerate. Also, they complained that Yongli was too far away.

Lin’s response? “Get the hell out of here if you don’t want the job, all you shit-for-brains!”

Lin’s outburst has prompted many former employees to turn to the media.  ”Even if he’s the boss, he can’t insult people like this, we hope to see an apology,” one of them said.  Another noted: “We’re there to work, not be insulted.”

Isn’t China’s Labor Day in a week or two?

Lin, for his part, has admitted to reporters that he might have used the word “shit” during the meeting, but insists that people weren’t meant to take it literally. He says he wanted reporters to read between the lines and make a smart and rational decision.

As for compensation, lawyers say it comes down to the relationship between the two companies.

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