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Two Dead, One Missing as Dongguan Teens Swept Away by Floodwaters

Posted: 05/14/2014 10:28 am

tangxia youth drowning dongguan rain disasterThe flood-stricken area of Tangxia County, Dongguan is the fatal scene where three youths were swept away in a flooded creek swollen with rainwater, leaving two dead and one missing, reports Nandu.

At approximately 5pm on May 11, eight young adults were crossing a flooded creek together by linking arms near the City Ring Road West at Keyuan Station when three of them were suddenly swept away by the strong current.

Lao Huagui, one of the people that attempted to cross the creek, recalls the incident:

“The water reached up to my waist,” said Lao, who stands at 1.7 meters tall. “We were all walking in the middle of the street, when all of a sudden a great current rushed in from the right side, and the water surged up. With that, the floodwater submerged the shortest one of us, He Sihan. The eight of us then became scattered.”

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RMB 55 Million [PICTORIAL]

Lao Hanzhou gives a different account:

At that time, the creek [was so high it] submerged both ends of the railings of the bridge. Seeing that He Sihan was caught up by the current, Liu Dejin and Cai Jiahong both hurried to grab He out of the water, but they weren’t able to catch him. Both of them were also washed away by the current.

The other five remaining people were able to extract themselves from the flooded creek by managing to hold onto trees at the side, or by climbing the surrounding walls of the embankment.

By noon of May 12, the floodwater had subsided. At that time, two bodies were found.

Dead are Liu Dejin and Cai Jiahong. The third victim swept away by the flooded creek, He Sihan, has still not been found.

The victims were well acquainted with one another. He and Cai were cousins, while Liu and Cai were classmates.


Photos: Nandu


Ferrero to Open Tennis Academy in Shenzhen

Posted: 04/23/2014 4:09 pm

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO tennis shenzhen china academy trainingFormer top-seed and winner of the 2003 French Open Juan Carlos Ferrero will open a tennis academy in Shenzhen in September, ATP Tour reports.

The Grand Gemdale-Ferrero International Tennis Academy will be located in the Pingshan New Zone and will be opened in conjunction with Ferrero’s long-time coach, Antonio Martinez Cascales.

The academy will feature a 5,000 seat stadium and facilities that include 20 hard courts, four indoor hard and four indoor clay courts.

During an opening ceremony, Ferrero shared his pride at being able to cooperate with China on this joint initiative. Ferrero said, “I feel that Shenzhen is becoming a very important city in China for tennis, and together with the work ethic [Chinese] have plus our training philosophy, I am confident that we can improve players and develop future champions.”

Shenzhen is known on the international tennis circuit for having hosted an ATP World Tour 250 event, and is set to host an ATP Challenger Tour and the Shenzhen Open this September.

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO tennis shenzhen china academy training

On his official website, Ferrero re-iterated his enthusiasm for mutual development. “I [am] really surprised that [Grand Gemdale] has [so many] female scholar players and that the company is so committed to tennis. I hope to make my contribution with the Asian continent to continue promoting competition tennis.”

Another high-profile sports training camp set to be hosted in Shenzhen is the AC Milan Children’s Football Training Camp set to be held this summer at Soccerworld in Shekou.

Photo: Juan Carlos, SZ News


Media Backlash Against “Flip Kiss” Meme Means More Fail to Enjoy

Posted: 04/22/2014 3:29 pm

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth When we first brought to you news of the flip kiss (back when we over-zealously called it the “kiss stir fry”), we saw this internet meme as the perfect two second GIF that can be enjoyed by Chinese and Westerners alike.

Since then, however, the flip kiss has received a media backlash for being a danger to impressionable youth. Caijing has reported that injures sustained from the flip kiss include damages to cervical vertebrae. published pictures of victims with head injuries along with warnings from police and fitness experts. Sina pleaded with the public, “Don’t put your life on the line as a way to show off your conjugal love!”

Still, that hasn’t had a deterrent upon those who want to show their love via the flip kiss. While some places are showing you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly perform it, we thought we would showcase all the instances of flip kissing gone wrong—as a way to deter impressionable young people who must copy social trends, of course.

Click here to see how the flip kiss is properly executed; otherwise, watch the gallery below consisting of people being dropped on their heads:

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth

[The caption in the last GIF reads, "The class monitor is coming!"]

Photos: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)


Watch This: The “Kiss Stir Fry”, Your Chinese Internet Meme of the Day

Posted: 04/18/2014 11:29 am

Finally, a Chinese internet viral trend that Westerners can enjoy! Introducing, the “kiss stir fry“. This meme is so new that it doesn’t have an actual name yet, so we’re going to call it that until planking makes a resurgence on the mainland.kiss stir fry flip kiss meme china chinese youth


It looks like a variation upon an aerial lindy hop move, or perhaps a bobby sox that has caught up to the fast times of modern Chinese society. We surmise that the kiss stir fry will be big in China for these reasons:

  1. It’s an excuse to kiss for a society that frowns upon public displays of attention
  2. Like buying a house before marriage, it’s an established fact that all physical relations must be justified beforehand with work
  3. Though there is a lot of gender inter-mixing going on, this stunt reinforces gender roles: the man is strong, and the woman has dieted
  4. Upon starting the stunt, (with your head in someone else’s crotch), you’re committed to performing a kiss and upon completion; girls will be able to retain all titles of chastity as a result


Since this is a stunt, the kiss stir fry is actually much more enjoyable when it doesn’t succeed.

kiss stir fry stunt meme china chinese youth

To try to keep down loading times on this page, here are the rest in the gallery:

Photos: Guangzhou Daily Weibo account


Report on Guangzhou youth suggests changing attitudes to work and marriage

Posted: 05/7/2013 10:00 am

Sun Yat Sen Institute of Administrative Research released its Guangzhou Youth Development Status Research Report on Sunday and there were some interesting findings. Entering the civil service is no longer the ideal job for the majority of youth, and only 28% of people aged 18-35 are opposed to the idea of a naked marriage, which is defined as a marriage between two people who don’t have a house, a car and sometimes even a ring, Guangzhou Daily reports.

The people questioned in the survey came from a wide range of backgrounds, careers and marital statuses. 4,315 of them filled out questionnaires and 135 gave in-depth interviews.

One theme that repeatedly cropped up was that of pressure. 70.3% of people said they were under pressure but they could handle it, while 9.2 % said they needed somebody to help them overcome their pressure and 7.1% said they were overwhelmed with it.

Courtesy of Guangzhou Daily

One of the biggest sources of pressure was to get married before they are too old. According to psychologist Yu Huihui, the group under the most pressure is students studying for master’s degrees, as they are at the age at which they are expected to marry and their employment prospects are actually no better than most undergraduates.

In terms of careers, 24% want to own their own business and 22% want to work for a foreign company. Only 18% wanted to work in the civil service, which strikes an interesting contrast to attitudes popularly held in China’s recent history as well as its ancient history.

30% are in favor of naked marriages, 32% are open to the idea of naked marriages, 28% are opposed and 10% are firmly opposed. This contrasts with a 2010 survey in which 70% of women said a naked marriage is not practical.


Let the foreign kids go to public schools, proposes one Guangzhou legislator

Posted: 01/18/2012 6:50 pm

Laowai, particularly those with children who work and live in the PRD, perhaps find it difficult to educate their kids here. Guangdong, for instance, has only 16 international schools accredited by the Ministry of Education, whereas Shanghai already had at least 28 in 2004.

That at least seems to be the working assumption, anyhow, of PRD officials, who according to Guangzhou Daily began considering a proposal through the Guangdong CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) on Monday this week, aimed at accelerating the the formulation of policies to reduce educational barriers for primary and secondary students originating in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas.

The call comes from Deng Jinghong, one of the more media friendly of Guangdong CPPCC delegates and a strong voice on education in Guangzhou, who told Guangzhou Daily earlier this week that while foreign kids in the PRD usually receive their education from approved international schools (of which Guangzhou has just 6), one option which ought to be equally available would be to have children enroll as a “common student” in a Chinese public school. Deng says that although many public middle and primary schools throughout the PRD still can’t accept international students due to the lack of effective local policies to support such endeavors, the Ministry of Education did write in 2004 that provincial education authorities do have the authority to approve local schools’ requests to admit foreign students.

It’s a good call, and if it leads to action, it’d mean a great opportunity for families to really get to know the Pearl River Delta. Some of you could even end up teaching your own kids.



Baby found abandoned in Foshan parking lot, nose eaten by rats

Posted: 01/16/2012 12:44 pm

A newborn baby girl was found abandoned in a parking in Foshan’s Chancheng district Friday, missing her nose and parts of her ears and scalp. According to Guangzhou Daily, the infant’s injuries are the result of animal bites, but whether they were sustained before or after she was abandoned on the city’s Wenhua Road remains unknown.

The girl was discovered by a street cleaner, Wang, who found 5 RMB in her pocket and traces of blood on her clothes, in addition to the animal bites. Wang called the police and took her to a hospital.

By Saturday, the baby was in stable condition. Doctors say her nose, scalp and ears appear to have been bitten by animals—most likely rats, judging from the bite marks on her wounds.

Police also found marks on the girl’s body which indicate that she recently received an injection, leading doctors to suspect that the girl was attacked by rats while still with her parents, who took her to a hospital for initial treatment but then decided to throw their daughter away. The 5 RMB note was apparently used to stop the bleeding.

Police are searching for the girl’s parents.


Guangzhou’s inscrutable post-90s youth reach out to us through film

Posted: 01/12/2012 11:54 pm

——“We are young, we are passionate, we are the masters of ourselves and the masters of our youth. We are the post-90s!”

So goes the spirit of China’s post-90s generation, as well as their portrayal in Transposed Life (换位人生), an original film now in production, writes New Express, by a crew comprised of post-90s kids in Guangzhou.

Small as it is, a sparrow still has all the vital organs

No studio, no professional producers, no famous movie stars, but with all the necessary components such as hair and makeup, photographers, stage managers, writers and directors, Transposed Life is an amateur work shot in and around the Huangpu Garden community in Guangzhou’s Huangpu district, with the stated goal of proving that China’s ‘brain dead generation’ can make a movie on their own—but also as a means to give viewers a glimpse of youth identity today.

As it goes, the post-90s generation is a rather unique group, both for coming of age at the turn of the century and as a generation profoundly influenced by a variety of fluctuating factors, such as the sharp upheavals in both economics and cultures brought about by years of development and reforms.

According to these filmmakers, what distinguishes them from those born in the 1970s and 1980s is their yearning for freedom, and that they have their own ideas about the new kind of lives they want to live.

To a certain extent, China’s post-90s generation are leaders in shaping a new ideology, one in which China is more esoteric, more shared and globalized. Based on this background, the funders of Transposed Life say they look forward to seeing these heated subjects touched upon through the medium of a film made by youth, by providing them with a platform and the encouragement to reveal and express themselves——to find their own “role” and “position” both in the movie and in their own lives.


Transposed Life tells the story, one morning, in which the the roles of the male and female protagonists are transposed, with each having to live the other’s life. Together, the swapped pair overcome obstacles, which they previously found insurmountable.

The leads, Luo Jiarao and Tang Xiaotong, are both juniors at the Guangdong University of Technology. Of her role, Tang says:

“As a daughter or a son, as somebody’s friend, or as a classmate of your peers, everyone has various roles to play in his or her life. How to play your role well is something everyone needs to try and figure out by themselves. What the fate of your role is is also something you need to experience by yourself. It’s your role, your life, so which road do you want to go down? What kind of life you want to live? These are all decisions you have to make by yourself.”

Shakespeare said that the world is a stage, and all men and women are merely players on it. We’ll see if this holds true in this post-90s film Transposed Life, the trailer for which should be released this coming weekend.

Is the post-90s so alien and worthy of independent observation? After a quick browse through Weibo, we noticed that KFC has also been active lately in reaching out to Guangzhou’s post-90s market, putting together this 43-minute-long original film about them…

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