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“World’s Most Dangerous Selfie” Taken on Top Of a Hong Kong Skyscraper

Posted: 08/25/2014 2:49 pm

skyscraper selfie hong kongA trio of daredevils have climbed to the very top of a Hong Kong skyscraper in order to take a self-described “world’s most dangerous selfie”, reports the New York Daily News.

The group includes Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso and A.S., and somehow found its way to the top of the highest spire of The Centre in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong’s fifth tallest building at 346 meters tall.

Lau used a “selfie stick” to capture a view of Hong Kong using a wide-angle lens that is as refreshing as it is unsettling.

Here’s the video:

There’s no self-commentary in the video, so there’s no way to confirm if the use of bananas is some kind of postmodernist symbol signifying a slippery footing at the apex of a capitalist metropolis.

skyscraper selfie

Taking personal videos while climbing tall buildings and objects has been a popular internet phenomenon in Russia, and is a feat recently replicated on the still unfinished Shanghai Tower.

Photo: Youtube screenshots


Media Backlash Against “Flip Kiss” Meme Means More Fail to Enjoy

Posted: 04/22/2014 3:29 pm

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth When we first brought to you news of the flip kiss (back when we over-zealously called it the “kiss stir fry”), we saw this internet meme as the perfect two second GIF that can be enjoyed by Chinese and Westerners alike.

Since then, however, the flip kiss has received a media backlash for being a danger to impressionable youth. Caijing has reported that injures sustained from the flip kiss include damages to cervical vertebrae. published pictures of victims with head injuries along with warnings from police and fitness experts. Sina pleaded with the public, “Don’t put your life on the line as a way to show off your conjugal love!”

Still, that hasn’t had a deterrent upon those who want to show their love via the flip kiss. While some places are showing you step-by-step instructions on how to correctly perform it, we thought we would showcase all the instances of flip kissing gone wrong—as a way to deter impressionable young people who must copy social trends, of course.

Click here to see how the flip kiss is properly executed; otherwise, watch the gallery below consisting of people being dropped on their heads:

flip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youthflip kiss stir fry internet meme stunt youth

[The caption in the last GIF reads, "The class monitor is coming!"]

Photos: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)


Watch This: The “Kiss Stir Fry”, Your Chinese Internet Meme of the Day

Posted: 04/18/2014 11:29 am

Finally, a Chinese internet viral trend that Westerners can enjoy! Introducing, the “kiss stir fry“. This meme is so new that it doesn’t have an actual name yet, so we’re going to call it that until planking makes a resurgence on the mainland.kiss stir fry flip kiss meme china chinese youth


It looks like a variation upon an aerial lindy hop move, or perhaps a bobby sox that has caught up to the fast times of modern Chinese society. We surmise that the kiss stir fry will be big in China for these reasons:

  1. It’s an excuse to kiss for a society that frowns upon public displays of attention
  2. Like buying a house before marriage, it’s an established fact that all physical relations must be justified beforehand with work
  3. Though there is a lot of gender inter-mixing going on, this stunt reinforces gender roles: the man is strong, and the woman has dieted
  4. Upon starting the stunt, (with your head in someone else’s crotch), you’re committed to performing a kiss and upon completion; girls will be able to retain all titles of chastity as a result


Since this is a stunt, the kiss stir fry is actually much more enjoyable when it doesn’t succeed.

kiss stir fry stunt meme china chinese youth

To try to keep down loading times on this page, here are the rest in the gallery:

Photos: Guangzhou Daily Weibo account

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