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Shenzhen Woman, 8 Months Pregnant, The Sixth Person to Die in Recent PRD Flooding

Posted: 05/19/2014 10:35 am

shenzhen pregnant woman flooding rain storm

The heavy rains and flooding battering the Pearl River Delta and the east and north of Guangdong Province has taken another fatality, bringing the total number of victims to six.

Early on May 17, a landslide caused the destruction of a house in Taiyang Village, Shijing Community and swept away and killed a woman who was eight months pregnant.

From 1am until 4am, the total precipitation in Pingshan District, Shenzhen was recorded as 261mm. A local tributary of the Pingshan Creek was already swollen from days of rain by that time, leading to the landslide.

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The victim, 21 years-old and surnamed Zhong, lived in a house located next to Pingshan Creek that was destroyed by the landslide. Her father said he held on as tightly as he could until his own arm was injured, while the husband had said that there was no way to help her because the torrent was “too strong”.

Zhong’s body was found later that day at 5pm at a central drainage pipe.

The recent rain that has hit the cities of Huizhou, Shenzhen, Shanwei, and Qingyuan
is expected to continue until tomorrow.

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shenzhen pregnant woman flooding rain storm


Photos: Nanfang Metropolis via Weibo


Accident Leaves Guangzhou Man with Wire Pierced Through Brain

Posted: 05/16/2014 11:34 am

brain pierce wire eye guangzhouA Guangzhou man is lucky to be alive after a wire pierced his right eye and embedded itself deep into his brain during a construction accident, reports the Yangcheng Evening News.

Ah Wei (a pseudonym), 22 years-old, had fallen from a ladder while trying to construct a canvas rain shack in Pingshan village in Huadu District, Guangzhou on May 14.

After falling, Ah Wei continued to lay face down on the floor for three to four minutes before finally saying, “It’s no problem, I just need to rest a bit, and I’ll be fine.” It was only when his cousin Ah Hui turned Ah Wei over did he see how serious the situation was, and he notified emergency services right away.

At the hospital, it was determined that the wire had passed through the optic nerve, the eye muscle nerve, the passage to the brain stem, and the edge of brain stem before finally stopping at the back of the skull.

A five-hour operation successfully removed 18.5 cm of wire from Ah Wei’s head.

Wu Taihua, neurologist at the Guangdong Three Nine Neurology Hospital, said that Ah Wei is somewhat lucky (to put it mildly):

The welding filament missed a major vein by two millimeters, and an artery by 5 millimeters…if any one of these blood vessels were damaged, the victim would be dead at the scene.

The patient is currently in stable condition, and is conscious and lucid. At the present, Ah Wei has mobility to the right side of his body. He seems to have trouble remembering the incident, but it’s at the back of his head.brain pierce guangzhou eyebrain pierce guangzhou eye

Photos: Yangcheng Evening News


Scaffold Collapses at Shopping Mall in Shenzhen, 5 Injured

Posted: 04/30/2014 1:29 pm

shenzhen scaffold fallYou know the rickety scaffolding you see at the side of the road that you absolutely have to walk under when entering a building under renovation? Those do fall down.

At 5:32pm on April 27, a scaffolding structure collapsed at the Minlefu Shopping Center in Pingshan, Shenzhen.

The injured include four pedestrians and one worker at the scene. The injured were sent to Pingshan People’s Hosptial, and all are in stable condition. Two have light injuries, while three have received broken bones as a result of the accident.

From the pictures, it appears the scaffolding was not anchored properly but survived the fall intact, prompting comparisons to the Shanghai building that fell down and landed in a similar fashion.shenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fall

Photos: Sina via Weibo


Ferrero to Open Tennis Academy in Shenzhen

Posted: 04/23/2014 4:09 pm

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO tennis shenzhen china academy trainingFormer top-seed and winner of the 2003 French Open Juan Carlos Ferrero will open a tennis academy in Shenzhen in September, ATP Tour reports.

The Grand Gemdale-Ferrero International Tennis Academy will be located in the Pingshan New Zone and will be opened in conjunction with Ferrero’s long-time coach, Antonio Martinez Cascales.

The academy will feature a 5,000 seat stadium and facilities that include 20 hard courts, four indoor hard and four indoor clay courts.

During an opening ceremony, Ferrero shared his pride at being able to cooperate with China on this joint initiative. Ferrero said, “I feel that Shenzhen is becoming a very important city in China for tennis, and together with the work ethic [Chinese] have plus our training philosophy, I am confident that we can improve players and develop future champions.”

Shenzhen is known on the international tennis circuit for having hosted an ATP World Tour 250 event, and is set to host an ATP Challenger Tour and the Shenzhen Open this September.

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO tennis shenzhen china academy training

On his official website, Ferrero re-iterated his enthusiasm for mutual development. “I [am] really surprised that [Grand Gemdale] has [so many] female scholar players and that the company is so committed to tennis. I hope to make my contribution with the Asian continent to continue promoting competition tennis.”

Another high-profile sports training camp set to be hosted in Shenzhen is the AC Milan Children’s Football Training Camp set to be held this summer at Soccerworld in Shekou.

Photo: Juan Carlos, SZ News


Woman detained for lying to police to guilt trip boyfriend

Posted: 07/18/2012 7:00 am

Hell hath no fury like a Chinese woman who has been wronged by her boyfriend. One of the best known cases of a woman overreacting to a quarrel with her boyfriend in recent years was that of the girl who streaked along a busy road. And the jaded Shenzhen woman, Shu Ya, who we told you about before, has made another public appearance.

Now a Shenzhen woman has been caught lying in order to guilt trip her boyfriend about being late, according to Shenzhen Evening News.

The factory worker in Shenzhen’s Pingshan New Zone has been detained for 5 days and faces a 200 yuan fine for falsely telling police she had been mugged. When her boyfriend did not meet her at the end of a shift at the factory at the allotted time of 4 a.m. she contacted him and told him that her handbag had been stolen while she waiting for him.

Baoshan police station heard a report July 15 from a man named Zhou that his girlfriend’s handbag, which contained cash and a mobile phone, had been stolen by two passing motorcyclists near the entrance of the Yanling factory where she works. This method of robbery is quite common in Chinese cities.

The woman, surnamed Zhang, agreed to cooperate with a police inquiry. Police officers went to the alleged scene of the crime, then returned to the station to watch hours of security camera footage. Eventually, they discovered that Zhang was seen some half an hour after the time of the robbery with her handbag and mobile phone in her hands.

After police expressed suspicions that she lied, Zhang initially maintained that she had been robbed. Eventually, she gave in and signed a confession, saying she did not expect her boyfriend to call the police.

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