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Scaffold Collapses at Shopping Mall in Shenzhen, 5 Injured

Posted: 04/30/2014 1:29 pm

shenzhen scaffold fallYou know the rickety scaffolding you see at the side of the road that you absolutely have to walk under when entering a building under renovation? Those do fall down.

At 5:32pm on April 27, a scaffolding structure collapsed at the Minlefu Shopping Center in Pingshan, Shenzhen.

The injured include four pedestrians and one worker at the scene. The injured were sent to Pingshan People’s Hosptial, and all are in stable condition. Two have light injuries, while three have received broken bones as a result of the accident.

From the pictures, it appears the scaffolding was not anchored properly but survived the fall intact, prompting comparisons to the Shanghai building that fell down and landed in a similar fashion.shenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fallshenzhen scaffold fall

Photos: Sina via Weibo

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