Gay Shenzhen couple’s late-night street spat ends with murder

Just a week after this story made headlines, Shenzhen, where the gay scene enjoys marriages, Tibetan drag queens and high visibility, made even more queer news this week with a dramatic Saturday night street-side passion murder.

The way Southern Metropolis Daily (SMD) tells it, the story began with a group of friends at a bar in Shenzhen’s Luohu district at around 8pm on the night of February 18, among which were Jiangxi natives and Wang (46) and Chen (33), still technically a couple. Drinks were had and then Wang told Chen he’d fallen in love with someone else and wanted to break things off.

At around 1am, Chen was seen by several witnesses including one security guard standing at the corner of Honggui and Guiyuanbei Rd. arguing loudly with someone over the telephone. Wang eventually turned up and the couple continued their loud argument until just after 2am, when Chen pulled out a knife and stabbed Wang, then quickly sprinted down Guiyuanbei Rd. Wang had already been pronounced dead when an SMD reporter arrived at the scene at 3:30am, with a police investigation already fully underway.

Chen was arrested the following morning at 7am in his home in Futian district, charged with manslaughter.

One eyewitness interviewed by SMD is quoted as saying no one wanted to get involved due the large stature of the men, and the fact that their argument had yet to turn physical. Chen, the shorter of the two, was quick to pull out the knife, kill Wang and sprint off. Bystanders then called police.

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