Beware the taxis outside Dongguan’s new train station

So apparently there’s a new train station in Dongguan—in Humen, to be precise, part of the new Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed rail line.

Does it make it any easier to get to downtown Dongguan? A bit, but Humen’s closer proximity to Guangzhou also makes it much more convenient to reach the factory-laden area between the two cities as well as several of Dongguan’s fanciest hotels.

However, New Express reported earlier this week that taxis waiting outside Humen Railway Station are refusing to run by the meter and have been gouging passengers by demanding fares with as much as a 100% markup.

New Express received no response from Humen Railway Station management. Perhaps someone has had a similar experience there?

The newspaper also reports that trash is piling up outside the station, a sharp contrast to its shiny glimmering interior, with no one apparently having been given the task of grounds maintenance.

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