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Guangzhou Debuts Luxury Yacht with Water Tap Made of Solid Gold

Posted: 04/28/2014 8:35 am

A 76-foot long yacht worth more than RMB 170 million that debuted on April 26 in Guangzhou is a loud proclamation of the rich’s crass and ostentatious lifestyle amid the central government’s austerity drive.

The yacht is one of the items being showcased at the Guangzhou Rendez-Vous 2014, an exposition of luxury products, and is described as “the most luxurious yacht in Guangzhou” by event organizer Guangdong Yujinlong Yacht Club. A similar party held in Sanya, Hainan last year was alleged to have consisted of lurid sex parties with attendees that included businessmen, celebrities and second-tier models. Allegedly, more than 2,000 condoms were used in just one party at that event, Shanghai Daily reported.

Festooned with bikini-clad women for its initial appearance to the public, the yacht includes a range of exceptional features that includes a smart operational system. However, the highlight of the yacht is a pure gold water tap carved into the head of the dragon, Yangcheng Evening News reported on April 27. Described as “sparkly and shiny”, the dragon head water tap is said to be hand-made by a famous unidentified sculptor.

The water tap made of pure gold (Photo credit: China News)

As if to preemptively dismiss the inevitable negative comments from a low-brow audience (myself included), the president of the yacht club said, “Only those who have feelings about life can appreciate the meaning of life.” According to him, those who are given the ability to appreciate the meaning of life can only do so with the ownership of a yacht, not just any yacht but one with a bona fide gold dragon water tap.

“A yacht is for water sports activities, a pursuit of the free* lifestyle. Consumers can experience a whole new different kind of happiness,” he continued, adding clients can customize their cruising routes to maximize joy and “do whatever they want”.  In anticipation of strong demand, the president had ordered twenty 50-foot long yachts, the report said.

This proves that when surrounded by bikini babes with ample caviar, Cuban cigars, and liquors, nothing can come in the way of the rich having a little bit of fun — not the anti-corruption campaign, nor the lurid sex party allegations.

* “放纵自由” could also be interpreted as promiscuous in Chinese

Home page photo: China News

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