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Phew: Images of disemboweled tiger in Guangzhou were fake

Posted: 01/24/2014 10:00 am

Authorities in Guangzhou’s Huadu District have published a microblog post stating that recent viral photos of a disemboweled tiger being sold on the street were not, as previously claimed, snapped in Guangzhou, Shanghaiist reports.

As we told you on Tuesday, the images were posted by a Sina Weibo user named @iniesta_w who said they had been taken in Huadu. Numerous news sources were already skeptical about the story with the alleged location of the incident constantly changing. Police confirmed the doubts in their public statement. But as Shanghaiist put it, if the pictures were photoshopped, it was pretty well done.

The past few months have been mixed for animal rights in China. More than six tons of confiscated ivory was ceremoniously destroyed in Dongguan earlier this month to send out a message about the illegal trade. But on the flip side, dog and cat meat eaters hit back at animal rights group adverts in December, defending the “tradition” of eating dog and cat meat.


    The authorities said so…..

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