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[Photos] Gold Lamborghini Spotted in Guangzhou

Posted: 06/4/2014 11:05 am

gold lamborghini guangzhouSomeone once said, “I want a Lamborghini with a shiny, gold-colored paint job,” and one Chinese dream later, here it is.

Spotted in Guangzhou outside a restaurant on Jinju Road just south of Great Bridge on May 27, the gold-colored car appears to have an impossibly dense mass that attracts everyone in its vicinity.

While a few brave souls went to affirm their experience with this paint job by going over to touch the world’s fastest fingerprint accumulator, the People’s Daily Online reported that one guardian held their child tight when walking past the car and said:

Don’t make any rash movements, that’s a real car there!

Another bystander was reported to have lauded the car by comparing it to a sofa chair after a read through the Sunday paper:

The owner had just left, and the car is still warm!

As inspiring as this flagrant display of accumulated wealth is to the rest of us non-gold colored Lamborghini-driving plebians who are saddled with non-aesthetically pleasing license plates, it unfortunately remains true that China lags behind the West when it comes to luxury sports car paint jobs. Deadmau5 is driving around with a Nyan Cat decal on his Ferrari, while Justin Bieber is known for his leopard print Audi.

We can only hope that the proper technology and skills will come to China to address this flagrant discrepancy with the lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhou

Photos: People’s Daily Online

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