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Guangdong Police Find RMB 127 Million In Counterfeit Bills

Posted: 08/1/2014 4:39 pm

fake banknotes guangdong counterfeit billsEverything seems to be faked these days in China, and there might be nothing more lucrative than faking money itself.

Guangdong Public Security Bureau Deputy Director He Guangping explained that his department was responsible for seizing a grand total of 127 million yuan worth of counterfeit banknotes, reports Xinhua. The seizures were made at three different places from January to June of this year. Fifty-seven people were arrested as part of the stings.

fake banknotes guangdong counterfeit bills

There is an easy way to tell if Chinese currency is counterfeit. When examining a real 100 renminbi note, the “100″ located near the banknote’s serial number will appear green when looking at it head-on. However, when looking at it at an angle, this same “100″ will change to become dark blue. If it doesn’t, somebody managed to pass you a fake bill.

fake banknotes guangdong counterfeit bills

Photos: Xinhua, People’s Daily

  • asian don draper

    always ask for 20′s in change when you break 100s. If you are even more paranoid, go to the bank and change your foreign currency, it requires ID and you get even more anal when they give u the bank notes.

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