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Fake Olive Oil Sold Around China From Unlicensed Guangzhou Factory

Posted: 07/28/2014 11:50 am

guangzhou fake olive oilThe Pearl River Delta has seen its share of “fake foods”, and now there’s another item to add to the infamous list: fake imported olive oil.

An undercover investigation by Southern Report found that the Yimaisi Trading Company of Guangzhou has been selling bottles of Finca olive oil, advertised as an ”authentic Spanish import”, by falsely substituting other kinds of oil produced in underground workshops around Guangzhou.

Informant Mr Wang gave the reporter access to the factory, where he saw labels with expiry dates that were torn off and replaced with new labels with expiry dates set far in the future. As well, other kinds of olive oil past their due dates were passed off as authentic Finca olive oil.

guangzhou fake olive oil

It turns out besides selling fake olive oil, the Yimaisi Trading Company doesn’t even have a valid operating license. Still, the company sold more than 81,500 bottles of the counterfeit product to Guangzhou, Beijing, Changsha and Chengdu.

On July 23, the Guangzhou Food and Drug Inspection Bureau and Guangzhou police raided on one of the “black workshops” that produce the fake olive oil.

guangzhou fake olive oilguangzhou fake olive oilguangzhou fake olive oilguangzhou fake olive oil


Photos: China Daily

  • The master of none

    Dear god. How low will these monkeys stoop.

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