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Dongguan Counterfeiters Sold 19 Tons of Fake, Inedible Salt Over Two Years

Posted: 07/3/2014 8:58 am
fake salt dongguan counterfeit industrial table

Industrial salt found in the production base in Shuikou Village in Dongguan’s Dalang Town.

We previously told you about fake salt sold in Guangzhou, and now it appears Dongguan has become the latest place where industrial salt is being unscrupulously sold as consumable table salt.

According to a report by Yangcheng Evening News on July 2, a salt production base in Dalang Town’s Shuikou Village was raided by police and several other government agencies on June 29 and 30. Inside, they found 18.8 tons of fake, inedible table salt.

The salt is actually industrial salt first imported from Jiangxi Province, and then packaged at the shoddy production base described by the newspaper as “filthy and stinky”. It was then sold to local markets and small restaurants in Dongguan packaged as refined iodine table salt, the report said.

One insider told the newspaper that the production base has been manufacturing fake salt for more than two years. The base was closed to the public and guarded against outsiders during the day, with security particularly tight when several trucks transported the salt to nearby farmers markets.

Even officials from the Dongguan Salt Bureau, the official government institution in charge of regulating table salt, were shocked at the production base’s sophisticated counterfeit operation. The packaging of the salt was almost exactly the same as authentic table salt, and each bag of the fake table salt even came with a date of production and a label.

Industrial salt is not fit for human consumption. Some industrial salt contains sodium nitrate that may result in deaths.


Photos: Yangcheng Evening News 

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