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Red Lamborghini Wrecked in Shenzhen Collision

Posted: 07/18/2014 6:12 pm

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionA Lamborghini sports car worth over $441,000 was wrecked in a collision last night in Shenzhen with alcohol suspected to be a factor, reported the Shenzhen Traffic Police.

Early this morning at around 12:52 am, a driver named Ma crashed a red Lamborghini Aventador Ip 700 into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz. Ma was driving on Futian South Road and was turning onto Binhe Boulevard when he lost control of his vehicle. Ma is said to have drinking at a bar before the collision and was driving fast. There were, amazingly, no reported injuries.

The temporary license plate of the Lamborghini has been discovered to be a fake.

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collision

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collision

Photos: PSB Propaganda, Shenzhen Traffic Police


Ferrari Closes Dealerships As Luxury Car Sales Fall Across China

Posted: 06/12/2014 5:50 pm

ferrariIt’s tough being rich. While your average Joe Qingdao-sixpack is concerned with today’s news that sales of new homes in Shenzhen have plummeted 48.8% from one year ago, there’s more worrying news for those with the money for the finer things in life.

Ferrari’s sales company has abruptly terminated sales and cooperative agreements with two dealerships, one of which is in Dongguan, reports Beijing Business Today.

Furthermore, other reports say Ferrari-Maserati China has broken similar agreements with two other Chinese dealerships, leading some analysts to speculate the company is looking to reduce its Chinese sales and marketing operations.

Photos: Gold Lamborghini Spotted in Guangzhou

A general malaise has hit China’s luxury car market with Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini all reporting sales slumps. Autonews reports Lamborghini sales in China fell 16.7% in 2013, while those of Ferrari fell by 33%.

The hard times of the Chinese luxury car market can be mostly attributed to recent austerity and anti-corruption measures. However, for the rest of us, the fewer luxury sports car dealerships that remain in the PRD will mean there be fewer sightings of this:



Photos: Weibo, 16888


Extremely rare chrome green Lamborghini spotted in Shenzhen

Posted: 11/4/2013 2:40 pm

Think China is land of the supercar? You’re probably right — though this very rare green chrome Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, that was spotted in Shenzhen recently, seems to fit into a category all its own.

I dare say this bad boy belongs more in a superhero comic book than real-world China (let alone a Shenzhen parking lot), and just looking at it makes me think the Green Hornet is going to hop out at any moment and kick some punk ass.

For all you car geeks reading this, GTSpirit, who reported the sighting, had this to share:

The LP570 is a lighter and more powerful version of the standard LP560. Using Carbon Fiber and other lightweight materials, the team at Sant’agata managed to strip out an impressive 70kg from the car.

As for the engine, 570bhp is produced at 8,000rpm, with torque curve peaks at 540Nm (398,3ft-lbs) at 6,500rpm. The minimal gain was achieved through careful ECU programming.

Obviously performance figures are important for a car like the Superleggera and it does not disappoint, zero to 100km/h (62mph) can be achieved in just 3.4 seconds, 0 to 200km/h (124mph) in 10.2 seconds and the top speed is 325km/h (202mph).

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, I’m afraid there’s no hope left for you. All I request of all those living in Shenzhen is that if this shiny green vessel of the gods passes you on the street, you stop what you are doing and bow down before it.

And do not stand up until it has turned onto the next street.

Photo credit: GTSpirit


Lamborghini roasted after illegal drag race in Shenzhen

Posted: 03/11/2013 3:39 pm

The sight of a supercar on fire is a spectacle to behold, especially when stupid people do stupid things to cause such silly accidents.

This driver junked his expensive pride-and-joy after it caught fire mid-way through an illegal drag race in downtown Shenzhen yesterday (Sunday). The Lamborghini Murcielago is now a write-off after the driver’s car apparently malfunctioned on the side of the road. Unlike his car, the driver got away unscathed.

Nothing like karma or divine intervention.

This particular Italian supercar will set you back a cool $400,000 (RMB2.5 million).

H/T: Car News China via Shanghaiist

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