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Red Lamborghini Wrecked in Shenzhen Collision

Posted: 07/18/2014 6:12 pm

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionA Lamborghini sports car worth over $441,000 was wrecked in a collision last night in Shenzhen with alcohol suspected to be a factor, reported the Shenzhen Traffic Police.

Early this morning at around 12:52 am, a driver named Ma crashed a red Lamborghini Aventador Ip 700 into the rear of a Mercedes-Benz. Ma was driving on Futian South Road and was turning onto Binhe Boulevard when he lost control of his vehicle. Ma is said to have drinking at a bar before the collision and was driving fast. There were, amazingly, no reported injuries.

The temporary license plate of the Lamborghini has been discovered to be a fake.

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collisionshenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collision

shenzhen lamborghini crash traffic collision

Photos: PSB Propaganda, Shenzhen Traffic Police


Shenzhen Driver Taunts Police Online, Police Post His Arrest Online

Posted: 05/28/2014 2:38 pm

This is a great story – a fable, if you will – told entirely in Weibo posts.

weibo shenzhen police post Weibo is a place where people like to have fun. The Shenzhen Traffic Police are just like you and me: they share their love of GIFs while trying to admonish the dangerous activities they depict, and reply to funny questions with funny answers.

bmw no zuo no die Weibo user MrCharlesChen is a also a guy who likes fun. And that’s what he was having when he posted a picture to Weibo at midnight on May 25 of himself driving with a beer can in his hand. He asked:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Is drinking and driving at the same time against the law? @Shenzhen Traffic Police Have you caught any “tigers” tonight? [coylaughing.emo]

Yes. The account he was asking was the Shenzhen Traffic Police.

And while the Shenzhen Traffic Police has a history of joking around, they didn’t do so this time. Instead, they sent a short, terse message:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
Put the beer down, and drive safely!

Such a reply didn’t deter MrCharlesChen, who posted the reply:weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

I’m going to open another one [elatedopenmouth.emo]

Netizens got in on the fun at this point. They combed through MrCharlesChen’s Weibo account, and found the following gem in his photo album from March 19, 2013:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

These past few days, I ran through about twenty red lights before I was finally caught @粤B374CC How’s this license for you? The next time you see this license plate, you’ll know it’s me [openmouthlaughing.emo]

Another photo found in MrCharlesChen’s album showed he was unrepentant towards his lawnessness by posting a screenshot of the driving violations he had incurred:weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

That’s fine, I still have six points (left on my license)


Sensing a change of merriment, MrCharlesChen changed his username to the very aptno zuo no die (classic)“, and deleted all the content in his Weibo account. Unperturbed, the Shenzhen traffic police said that they were going to find him all the same:

bmw no zuo no die

This guy changed his (username)

(Despite) changing a username, we still have to investigate.

MrCharlesChen finally signaled that he had enough fun:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

I was wrong. [tearspouringdown.emo] I am a stupid cunt.

However, the fun continued for netizens and police as they collaborated to find more information on MrCharlesChen:

Mr Chen-Jun:
Going to help out this so-called fellow classmate of Shenzhen University to remain at the back of the class…

Shenzhen Traffic Police (reply):
Thank you very much (for your contributions), we have already made screenshots.

The Shenzhen Traffic Police found that long list of traffic violations MrCharlesChen had boasted about:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Shenzhen police put a stop to all the fun on May 26 by issuing a demand to MrCharlesChen to surrender himself at a traffic police station. And they did it by sending him a Weibo post:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

(Car with license plate 粤B374CC has made 16 driving violations) Through an investigation, it has been determined that Weibo user @MrCharlesChen (who has changed his username many times, and deleted his entire account) is a suspect wanted in connection with driving violations related to a BMW X1 vehicle with the license plate 粤B374CC that was first registered on March 5, 2013. To date, this vehicle has accrued a total of 16 violations, ten of which occurred in Shenzhen (nine counts of illegal stopping, one time for speeding) and six other violations occurring out of province. At present, ten points have been deducted from your license, leaving only six points left. According to traffic regulations, please hand over your car for confiscation and inspection.

But netizens would do one better and perform a human flesh search that turned up MrCharlesChen’s real name, work unit, picture, and residential address.

Shenzhen Traffic police were very amenable with their ultimatum by issuing helpful reminders:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
If you do not arrive by 2pm, we will come to your residence. If there is a need, we will ask for the help of the “Uncles” in CID (Criminal Investigation Department).

And with the clock ticking:

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
One hour left.

MrCharlesChen finally did turn himself in. And, the police celebrated it with everyone online by posting his arrest on Weibo:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

And then they posted all of his personal credentials online:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Of course, they censored anything personal about him but that was irrelevant, as his identity was already made public by the human flesh search.

Later that day, MrCharlesChen was very ponderous with his first post to Weibo ever since deleting his entire Weibo account:

Cherish life, don’t drink and drive. Living is not easy, cherish what you have when you’ve got it.

Yes, it would be much more poetic if he didn’t plagarize most of it. Outside in the parking lot, Shehzhen Traffic Police finally saw the car that they’d only seen online:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

But upon opening the trunk of the car, they found yet another familiar sight:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

That’s right, MrCharlesChen had driven to the police station to surrender himself and his car with two cases of beer in the back. He does like that Harbin beer, we see.

The moral would be very clear at this part of the story, except that it isn’t over.

With all of this having happened back in the distant past, meaning Monday of this week, some netizens still had lingering doubts. So one user recently posted this question to Shenzhen Traffic Police:

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

“Uncle” traffic police, I want to know if drinking (soda pop) in the passenger seat is against the law

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
That’s fine, enjoy your drink. (Just remember,) too much will adversely impact your health! Just remember to do better than that brother from tomorrow.

Uh, “tomorrow”? They mean “yesterday”, don’t they?

weibo fable no zuo no die charleschen drinking and driving taunting police fail

Shenzhen Traffic Police:
Sorry, we meant ‘yesterday’

So while this may have been a very simple moral of “stupid is as stupid does”, the true moral of this fable is Weibo itself: no one ever forgets anything online. Not your hideous shame, your regretful mistakes, and not any one of your speiling mistakes.

Photo: Guangzhou PSB via Weibo (2, 3, 4, 5), Shenzhen Evening Report via Weibo


Police in Guangdong tackling the problem of “driving while tired”

Posted: 07/12/2013 7:00 am

The summer holiday is the time during which the majority of accidents caused by driving while tired occur. For this reason, traffic police in Guangdong Province have launched a campaign to spread awareness of the issue.  It will run from July 8 to August 31.

A traffic cop handing out goodies, courtesy of Yangcheng Evening News

Traffic police are standing at locations such as the Shabei toll booth on the Guangzhou-Foshan Expressway, the Wayao Bridge Service Area on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, the Shapu Service Centre on the Guangzhou-Huizhou Expressway, and the Nansha toll booth on the Humen Bridge on the Dongguan-Foshan Expressway to spread the word, Yangcheng Evening News reports.

Unlike drink driving, it is difficult to crackdown on this particular traffic violation because there is no easy way to prove somebody is been guilty of it. On this particular drive, the police activity has been limited to handing out leaflets, cards and symbolic gifts such as water and green tea to discourage people.

As of Jan. 1 this year, the province will punish those who drive for four hours without resting for at least 20 minutes, with a six-point penalty and 200 yuan fine. The punishment is increased to 12 points and a 200 yuan fine for those who do so while driving a bus, coach or lorry.

However, since this drive was launched four days ago, nobody has been caught in the act.


Cab drivers smash up Porsche after driver viciously beats cabbie in Shenzhen

Posted: 05/9/2013 1:45 pm

Around 100 cab drivers smashed up a Porsche in a revenge attack on Shenzhen’s Shennan Boulevard early yesterday morning (May 8), China Daily reports. At around 3 a.m. riot police arrived at the scene at the Hongling junction of Shennan Boulevard where a drunken Porsche Cayenne driver had beaten up a cab driver, inciting further violence.

You can see footage of the attack here.

The incident began when the Porsche collided with a BYD taxi. Police later found that the driver of the Porsche, Mr Chen, had a blood/alcohol level of 137mg per 100ml, which is over the legal limit.

Eyewitnesses say they saw Chen kicking the taxi driver, Mr Li, in the head ferociously; he was later hospitalized. Chen tried to drive off, but his car wouldn’t start, reports say.

A crowd of cab drivers gathered and they smashed the vehicle up and even poured beer into its fuel tank. They even tried to drag Chen, who was by then unconscious, from the back of the police car. It took riot police until 4 a.m. to disperse the crowd.


Trending on Weibo: Cop in Guangzhou pulls a gun on drunk driver in a Porsche

Posted: 02/1/2013 9:29 am

One topic is running wild on Weibo right now, and it has to do with Guangzhou’s finest.

Around midnight two nights ago, Guangzhou traffic cops began patrolling and checking for drunk drivers in Pearl River New Town (Zhujiang Xincheng) in Guangzhou. Around 2 am on Thursday morning, a dark red Porsche Cayenne stopped about 100 metres away from the traffic police.

When the police walked up to the vehicle, the Porsche abruptly threw it into reverse and began moving away. There were policemen at the end of the road trying to stop the car, but the Porsche showed no indications it would slow down and tried to escape.  The policemen then pulled his gun from his holster, pointed it at the driver, and ordered him to stop.

According to witnesses, the driver was so drunk that you could smell the alcohol emanating from the vehicle. The driver obeyed the order to stop and did a breathalyzer test, which showed he was inebriated. The police then took away his driver’s license for six months.  Needless to say, the driver wasn’t impressed and his friends in the car said he lives abroad, and was unaware of China’s strict drunk driving laws.

The driver is around 40 years old.

The news story has seemingly set Weibo on fire, with millions of comments and re-posts.  Sina launched a pool asking netizens if traffic police should be able to point their guns at drunk drivers.

Over 90% of respondents (at the time of this writing) say they have absolutely no problem with that, with less than 10% saying it is “too scary” and unnecessary. So far, almost 24,000 people have taken part in the survey.

Source: Nanfang Daily


Man beaten, hospitalized by Shenzhen traffic police

Posted: 06/25/2012 7:00 am

While many of us come from cultures in which police are referred to as “pigs” or worse, there are plenty of people in this “harmonious society” who don’t love the cops either. Physical and verbal attacks on law enforcement people are quite common in China. Earlier this year, one policeman was killed and 15 were injured in a riot in Yunnan Province when villagers were protesting the environmental damage caused by a nearby coal mine. In 2009, female Chengguan Liu Ping had a bucket of manure poured over her by a woman who was resisting arrest. Netizens overwhelmingly supported the criminal, with one saying “what she poured was not manure, but justice.”

Now, Shenzhen’s traffic police department is facing a major controversy, after responding disproportionately to an attack. A man is recovering in Longhua People’s Hospital, Shenzhen, after being held down and beaten by traffic police, according to local television. The man, Wang Hongguang, was held down and kicked in the chest and head after making a drunken, foul-mouthed rant at traffic policemen. The policeman who allegedly beat Wang has been identified as Zhang Wenbin. The Longhua branch of the city’s Public Security Bureau has already released footage, that clearly shows Wang being beaten by the traffic policeman.

Wang was visited by journalists at Longhua People’s Hospital where he is in the third ward on bed 30. He was attached to breathing apparatus, and his face was covered in scars from the beating. A witnessed surnamed Xu told reporters that at 2 a.m. June 20, a Longhua resident named Mr Yang was stopped by traffic police on Renmin Road while driving under the influence. Fearing arrest, Yang called his wife, urging her to get someone to visit him at the police station. Wang was drinking at home when he heard that Yang was in trouble.

When the drunken Wang arrived at the Traffic Police Station, he began a foul-mouthed rant at traffic policeman Zhang. Zhang proceeded to cuff him, then held him to the ground before kicking and beating him, aided by several colleagues. One policeman even sat on Wang while three or four others kicked him. Around 8 a.m., Wang’s family heard he was in danger, so his brother-in-law Zou went down to the station. After much squabbling, Wang was finally taken to Longhua People’s Hospital around 12 p.m., ten hours after the initial beating. The following morning at 8 a.m., Wang was declared to be in a critical condition.

The suspect Zhang and an assistant traffic policeman brought flowers to visit Wang, but the family refused to allow them to see him. The head of the hospital ward in which Wang is recovering, Guo Donghui, said despite injuries to his head, brain, neck, chest and stomach, Wang’s condition is now stable.

Traffic police have claimed that Yang resisted arrest, and invited four friends to come to the station to defend him, thus police were primarily acting out of self defense. Wang was the most aggressive and was accused of headbutting a policeman.

The Public Security Bureau is conducting an investigation.

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