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Trending on Weibo: Cop in Guangzhou pulls a gun on drunk driver in a Porsche

Posted: 02/1/2013 9:29 am

One topic is running wild on Weibo right now, and it has to do with Guangzhou’s finest.

Around midnight two nights ago, Guangzhou traffic cops began patrolling and checking for drunk drivers in Pearl River New Town (Zhujiang Xincheng) in Guangzhou. Around 2 am on Thursday morning, a dark red Porsche Cayenne stopped about 100 metres away from the traffic police.

When the police walked up to the vehicle, the Porsche abruptly threw it into reverse and began moving away. There were policemen at the end of the road trying to stop the car, but the Porsche showed no indications it would slow down and tried to escape.  The policemen then pulled his gun from his holster, pointed it at the driver, and ordered him to stop.

According to witnesses, the driver was so drunk that you could smell the alcohol emanating from the vehicle. The driver obeyed the order to stop and did a breathalyzer test, which showed he was inebriated. The police then took away his driver’s license for six months.  Needless to say, the driver wasn’t impressed and his friends in the car said he lives abroad, and was unaware of China’s strict drunk driving laws.

The driver is around 40 years old.

The news story has seemingly set Weibo on fire, with millions of comments and re-posts.  Sina launched a pool asking netizens if traffic police should be able to point their guns at drunk drivers.

Over 90% of respondents (at the time of this writing) say they have absolutely no problem with that, with less than 10% saying it is “too scary” and unnecessary. So far, almost 24,000 people have taken part in the survey.

Source: Nanfang Daily

  • Jake

    Is the guy a foreigner or just a Chinese who lives abroad?

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