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Major Fire Breaks Out at Sinopec Facility in Gansu Province

Posted: 08/4/2014 12:47 pm

lanzhou sinopec fire gansuA huge plume of smoke was seen from miles away in the capital of Gansu Province as a major fire broke out at a urban oil refinery this morning. The fire, at the Sinopec petrochemical facility in Lanzhou, broke at 8:39 am, according to CCTV News. So far there are no reports of any injuries or deaths.

lanzhou sinopec fire gansu petrochemical

The magnitude of the blaze is reflected in the city’s massive response to contain it. The city has dispatched 11 firefighting stations and one major firefighting team to the scene, encompassing a total of 33 vehicles and 193 firefighting personnel.

This Sinopec refinery is capable of distilling 300,000 tons of fuel a year.lanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansu

lanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansulanzhou sinopec fire gansu petrochemical

UPDATE 12:53 pm August 4: This post has been updated with more photographs.

Photos: Sina Guangdong, Sina News Video (2), Sina Sichuan


Chinese City In Lockdown After Bubonic Plague Kills Resident

Posted: 07/23/2014 12:11 pm

yumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineA city in Gansu Province is under police lockdown and a quarantine is in place after a local man died from the bubonic plague, reports Reuters. The 30,000 residents of Yumen are not allowed to leave while police roadblocks divert traffic away from the city.

A 38 year-old man named Wang contracted bubonic plague after finding a dead marmot. He chopped up the marmot to feed to his pet dog, but then got a fever. He was taken to hospital before dying the next day, July 16, at 5am. Doctors determined he had contracted the plague.

Deemed as “extremely contagious”, Wang’s remains have been cremated. More than 150 people have been placed in quarantine, and none have shown signs of infection as of Tuesday (July 22). On July 16, the city was divided up into four quarantine sectors with specific disease inspection areas.

Instances of bubonic plague have occurred periodically in China. In September 2012, a villager who found a dead marmot and ate it with other Litang, Sichuan residents died of the plague.yumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantineyumen gansu plague bubonic quarantine

Photos: Hexun, Sohu TV screenshots, Weibo


World Cup Sparked Increase In Illegal Online Gaming In China

Posted: 07/14/2014 9:13 am

The stakes were high for teams that were fighting for the World Cup championship. The winner can take it all – the glory, the pride and a whopping prize money of $35 million. But the football teams are not the only ones who had their eyes on the game. The illegal gambling bettors and bookmakers in China who had wagered millions on the game were glued to the television anticipating big payouts.

The Ministry of Public Security said 108 people were arrested for illegal online gambling involving a total value of RMB 18 billion after busting a gambling ring in Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province, Xinhua reported on July 12.

The ring operates in eight different provinces including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and Gansu Provinces through an overseas online gambling website whose server address is tracked to Philippines. According to the report, the website hired bookies and bookmakers in China to take online bets and commissions, and the gambling bets were particularly frequent during the World Cup.

The bettors were able to directly access the website and place bets. The website would calculate the wins and losses and earn commissions from the bets, the report said. The website also introduced a “super membership scheme” for members who placed a deposit worth RMB 200,000.

In June alone, the ring earned RMB 200 million in profit as the football tournament kicked off in the same month.

All forms of gambling, including the lottery, were considered capitalist practices and were banned in 1949. Only the state lottery is now allowed to operate. The ministry has prosecuted 7,267 gambling related cases and arrested 23,000 people since the start of the year.

Photos: Nandu; Getty Images

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