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Six Year Old Girl Shames Wuhan University Students For Being Lazy

Posted: 09/17/2014 10:52 am

cafeteria child laborerThat’s a picture of a six year-old girl who is picking up dirty dishes at a cafeteria in Wuhan, Hubei Province. As shocking as it is to see such a young person working, most of the online commentary in China is focused on the laziness of the school’s freshmen students, who don’t clean up after themselves.

These pictures were taken at Huazhong Normal University. The girl is the daughter of a stall operator that sells barbecue goose in the cafeteria. The People’s Daily Online says the girl comes out to bus tables when her father is too busy working.

cafeteria child laborer

The girl isn’t the only person cleaning up. There are a number of cleaners at the cafeteria who are responsible for busing tables and washing dishes, but there’s simply too much to be done. As a result, the university is trying to encourage students to collect their own dirty dishes and used cutlery, but students haven’t bothered.

cafeteria child laborer

Their behavior may change now that these photos have surfaced, though. The young girl is shaming the students in to taking action. One Weibo user said, “First year university freshmen, male and female, take this opportunity to learn good habits.” Another said, “Taking back used dishes to the service counter is a sort of friendship, a love that you show to the dining hall of the school.”

Other comments focused upon the school’s inability to hire enough cleaners and that people don’t normally collect their own dishes in China. But the majority believe the girl has shamed the students.

China’s primary school system begins for students aged six or seven

cafeteria child laborer

The sign at the area where dishes are to be bused reads:

We thank all students who voluntarily return their dishes
Warmly thank you for this simple service.

Photos: People’s Daily Online


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